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  1. XxFri3ndlyxX


    @Pwn Would it be possible to add in the DayZ Showcase Scripting the Modification prefix please. As some on my stuff are more of a Modification rather than a Release. Thanks!
  2. XxFri3ndlyxX

    [RELEASE] DayZ Custom Player Spawn Point Shoreline

    Custom Player Spawn Point On The Shoreline near a boat. This will add several spawn point on the shoreline near a small boat from the top right of the map all the way to the bottom left of the map. How To Install? Go to your server directory. Go to mpmission. Go to your mission. Add and...
  3. XxFri3ndlyxX

    [WIP] DayZ Categorized Loot XML

    This is my customized DayZ Loot table. Which is the Type.xml file. I categorized the file so it would help me to customize my loot spawn faster. This file is untouched and by that i mean that nothing is modified or any other item added. This is what came with server file except that i...
  4. XxFri3ndlyxX

    [RELEASE] DayZ-Database-Auto-Backup

    # DayZ-Database-Auto-Backup Backup DayZ Database With Date & Time Using 7zip & Windows Task Scheduler I know it's very basic script. But i thought some people would want to use it. I'm sure there is better ways to do it. Anyway here it is. A NEW method by Aussie Cleetus using sql lite. Highly...