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  1. vazabisong

    Custom skins in 1.8.x.x

    i use Fred's wardrobe 1.2 script :p but player need to close to box so they can change skin it work really good. //if (!(_model in AllPlayers)) then { if (!(_model in...
  2. vazabisong

    How to add new vehicles?

    is there any tool like this ? 3D Editor SQF Parser not work for me :D
  3. vazabisong

    [HELP] mission.sqm editing - Chernarus (Breaking Point)

    place building in 3d mode [Alt+ e ] then convert to 2d and open Arma 2 in Single Player and open 2d mission that you convert from 3d and merge with DayZ mission.sqm ---------------- ah sorry i found old post :D and this tool :D...
  4. vazabisong

    DayZ Mission System

    default dayz vanilla loadout :D 14:58:17 Wrong text element 'null' 14:58:17 "AIUNIT: Spawn initiated: Centre:[3257.23,9918.75] | Radius in m:80 | Waypoint number:4 | WeaponLevel:1" 14:58:18 No speaker given for Alexander Muller 14:58:18 "AIUNIT: Creating BAF_Soldier_L_DDPM by <NULL-object> at...
  5. vazabisong

    DayZ Mission System

    i change all of them SM1-SM6 all major and minor
  6. vazabisong

    DayZ Mission System

    _aispawn = [_coords,80,12,20,1] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\add_unit_server.sqf";//AI Guards sleep 5; _aispawn = [_coords,80,12,20,1] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\add_unit_server.sqf";//AI Guards sleep 5; _aispawn = [_coords,40,12,20,1] execVM...
  7. vazabisong

    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    it all mess up :D help me please
  8. vazabisong

    [Release] DayZChernarus Mission System

    is their anyway to add more AI in each mission ? _aispawn = [[(_coords select 0) + 20, _coords select 1,0],40,4,4,1] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\add_unit_server.sqf";//AI Guards sleep 5; _aispawn = [[(_coords select 0) + 30, _coords select 1,0],40,4,4,1] execVM...
  9. vazabisong

    DayZ Mission System

    how can i add more AI for each mission ? _aispawn = [_coords,80,6,6,1] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\add_unit_server.sqf";//AI Guards sleep 5; _aispawn = [_coords,80,6,6,1] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\missions\add_unit_server.sqf";//AI Guards sleep 5; _aispawn = [_coords,80,6,6,1]...
  10. vazabisong

    Improved Fred's Zombie Bait/Bomb []

    Value Restriction #329 "remExField" = [<NULL-object>,[<NULL-object>,<NULL-object>,<NULL-object>],"playmove","ZombieFeed"] can somebody help me ? :D
  11. vazabisong

    [Release] DayZChernarus Mission System

    is there anyway to add Humanity when i kill AI ?
  12. vazabisong

    Remove Parts From Vehicles v1.8

    you do not have enought room for that. it always said that but in my character he has 12 slot :eek: after update to
  13. vazabisong

    No time cycle

    aaah same as me. [Time] ;Possible values: Local, Custom, Static ;You cannot use Static on OFFICIAL Hive, it will just revert to Local Type = Custom ;If using Custom type, offset from UTC in hours (can be negative as well) Offset = +7 ;These 2 settings only apply if using Static type (Custom...
  14. vazabisong

    Food and drink drain so fast

    thanks for your help i figure out what the problems :D it in player_spawn_2.sqf i change it to original file and it work fine :D thanks for your help again
  15. vazabisong

    Food and drink drain so fast

    i drink in last minute then 1 minute later drink are turn to red and my blood drain so fast. can somebody check my mission file please. i think the problem is from Debug monitor
  16. vazabisong

    =BTC= Fast Rope

    rope deploy and die by falling :D
  17. vazabisong

    Adding tents to a map with supplies

    i just add my box near Dam. box with alot of weapons for admin :D haha [contain SMAW NLAW] this mission contain auto refuel [not like taviana because it bug :D] TOW system. Remove part and install to another car. HALO jump from helicopter and jet [AV-8B] custom load screen [change rules.jpg]
  18. vazabisong

    HALO Jumps for dayz

    i use laptop to use Halo jump and select on map to teleport to where to jump but when i click on the map it do halo but on the ground (only 1 feet :D) then i open chute and died can somebody help me ?
  19. vazabisong

    Adding tents to a map with supplies

    oh another way i use BAF_BasicWeapons and add to instance_vehicle like add car and place...
  20. vazabisong

    Adding tents to a map with supplies

    i try everything too but it not work no item spawn in box it empty. i don't know why if somebody know help us please