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  1. stephen2012

    night stalkers help needed

    hi does any body no if i can use night stalkers on any map and wher to get the script from any help would be greatfull
  2. stephen2012

    dzai help needed

    hi i have dzai and ground patrols and ai jets flying around on my map was wondering if any one has a class name for a jet that dosent have bombs as mine keep blowing my map up when chasing you
  3. stephen2012

    server help needed

    hi i can do scripts thats not my problem i have just bought a new server to go with my other two its on epoch lingor v1.5 mod v1.0.4.2 i have added all the drugs etc hemp cocaine and was wondering if any one has a script that can use these items as actual drugs instead of just crafting bandages...
  4. stephen2012

    dayz missions help needed

    hi i run epoch panthera but since i updated to 1.0.4 i carnt get dayz missions to work because of the clean up file has changed so when i alter it in server_functions i get stuck on black screen then kicked back to lobby
  5. stephen2012

    UPDATED DayZ And DayZ Epoch Autorefuel all fuel pumps work and the ones that need power

    1. Open the PBO's in PBOview or any other program that you prefer. 2. Upack the mission.pbo (Which you download from settings/get default) 3. Open init.sqf with notepad++ and replace line if (!isDedicated) then { with if (!isDedicated) then {[] execVM...
  6. stephen2012


    hello could any 1 help me im new to this and have just purchased my own server and would like some 1 to add scripts and stuff for me or at least point me to some 1 that can thank you