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  1. DSH-Nibbler

    [How-To] Add new Buildings and Objects via database

    its a function in ur database
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    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    players are on the map
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    [REQUEST] Add more Vehicles

    google is your freind
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    Spawning banned vehicles in dayz with no rMod [reality servers]

    Hi Guys and girls i will be finishing off the object Library updates soon as u can see its still incomplete also we have a tutorials section on how to add Vehicles, Buildings via the database without having to modify anything i will link it once the last vid is uploaded
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    Random Mod/Map Starter Batch

    i can provide filters for this if anyone needs just let me no what maps you intend to run
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    DayZ Lite don't show on DayZCommander

    DZC usually takes around 12 hours to display new servers correctly sometimes it can be instant
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    [REQUEST] Vehicle doesn't spawn

    Hey Guys use this u will have to add Hit points and inventory fields to object_spawns to use it any problems drop me a message when u run it the error will tell u what the exact field name is BEGIN # maximum number of INSTANCE id's USED. #-----------------------------------------------...
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    New admin panel for (PHP)

    Hunter u need to ask
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    Vehicles dont repair properly on namalsk

    still having problems wit this? if u let me no what modified stuf u have installed ills end u over a copy of my setup namalsk package
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    [How-To] Add new Buildings and Objects via database

    the method he is using is out dated with the particular package u can edit height data through the database method
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    DayZ Private Server Lite

    on teamspeak atm u can find the server on my website
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    Private Hive Tools [PHP]

    Hey buddy done a batch of tutorial vids for using ur tools to modify Dayz ill drop the links later if u want copy of the files to put somewhere inbox me also got all thet cooord stuff done for you and some hd maps Object spawn editor has a bug btw Add Object class doesn't write to the table
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    DayZ Private Server Lite

    hey Kingkrakr if you haven't solved ur issue drop us an inbox and we will help u out port forwarding is different depending on what modems, routers you are using a common mistake is users thinking this is something you do on the actual machine you have to login your Router find the port...
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    [How-To] Add new Buildings and Objects via database

    hey buddy feel free to nip on to out ts anytime u can find ip on mysite ive spent most of today doing tutorial vids for people using the pw0nzor and stapo builds more than happy to give u a crash course im GMT time so if u need help and ur not uk based give me a time
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    ur welcome buddy ill be putting some more work into the panels over then next 2 days got a tutorial vid section going up for editing ur server with the tools ect
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    Hey guys in support of Stapos pack we are offering community built web based admin panels accessed via our website not need to install any silly web-servers ect at the moment this setup is in testing so currently the service is free we are hoping to expand the range of tools available and work...
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    Script restriction 74

    inbox me ive jsut set up the page with a set of testtools so u can have a look
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    Script restriction 74

    give u a free admin panel on my website simply login all runs in any web browser will have to get a few setup details from u tho move to inbox ill send u a link so u can have a look at the toolset see if its usefull to u
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    Script restriction 74

    Hey buddy i can set u up with an admin map and some tools via my webserver
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    Looking for an HD IMAGE of Chernarus map

    Have a heavily photoshoped map to improve zoom levels if u still need this