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  1. CartoonrBOY

    [RELEASE] 30 Plus

    Is there a way to combine this with a loadout script so the gear matches the atire?
  2. CartoonrBOY

    Adding Skins

    I had a go at this for warm clothes before the 0.75 update of Namalsk. It worked, but it knocked out the rest of epoch eg: I could no longer bandage, craft etc. I know why; the missioncfg file needed editing for these items too, but it's certainly possible. I think MGT have done this. I'm...
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    [Simple Tutorial] Dogs on Taviana

    Find: Change to:
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    [Simple Tutorial] Dogs on Taviana

    I think if I modify the cleanup script instead of disabling it: server_spawnCleanAnimals = { private ["_pos","_delQtyAnimal","_qty","_missonAnimals","_nearby"]; _missonAnimals = entities "CAAnimalBase"; _delQtyAnimal = 0; { if (local _x) then { _x call...
  5. CartoonrBOY

    [Simple Tutorial] Dogs on Taviana

    I have this working in Epoch But I have had to disable the animal cleanup otherwise the dog is deleted after a few minutes. Do you have any idea how I can get around this issue?
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    Follow the rpt logs to try figure out which scripts are missing. Check their paths in the code. You must have edited something. This should not interfere with Infistar.
  7. CartoonrBOY

    Dogs and anomalies addin scripts

    I've tried to call the dog code from the fn_selfactions file so that all spawned kennels have the same ability, but with no luck. I'll keep trying of course but I have doubts whether this post will be acknowledged. In any case it's a great mod and I'm very grateful, you've really helped my...
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    Dogs and anomalies addin scripts

    I just installed this on my survival server. I have one kennel at my mercenary trader so you can hire Ai and a dog at the same place (the dog is free at the moment, subject to change). I only wanted the dog code so I ripped it from this mod but I can confirm that it works brilliantly. Excellent...
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    Be prepared its coming...... DayZ End Game

    That's terrible news. I'm so sorry that things are difficult for you right now, but you have to take care of your family. On behalf of the entire DayZ community I'd like to thank you so very much for all you have done, you are an absolute legend. I truly hope that you and your family are okay...
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    [Atmosphere] Epoch Survivor Parties Support Thread

    That is awesome. A huge thanks for fixing the link. Many beans... I have included a sound file for use. It is edited to loop almost seamlessly. Anyone like Johnny Cash? In your description file in your mission PBO over-write the sound file in the class CfgSounds section before the closing...
  11. CartoonrBOY

    Yo - I know yer a bit disillusioned with DayZ now - but I still really love this game. I asked...

    Yo - I know yer a bit disillusioned with DayZ now - but I still really love this game. I asked on the forum for the survivor party.sqf as the link only provides the music file. I really hope you allow me to use this script, it'll be the final touch to my server...Thanks in advance.
  12. CartoonrBOY

    [Atmosphere] Epoch Survivor Parties Support Thread

    Hey there. I'm really interested in this mod. I just watched: The Battery and I think this mod would be awesome with some of the music from the film. Downloading from the link I only get the sound file, the sqf seems to be missing. Please please please could you allow me to install this mod by...
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    Hey there Pwnoz0r - I would like to advertise my server. I asked you the same question a while...

    Hey there Pwnoz0r - I would like to advertise my server. I asked you the same question a while back but had no response. I know the server advert section is a crowded but I believe I have something different to offer this community. I have released a couple of mods and contributed to discussions.
  14. CartoonrBOY

    [Release] Expanded version of Tcherno

    Great expansion. I've had to remove 2 other additions in favour of this one. Thanks muchly...beans. Had to add "aif_arma1buildings" to the addons list in mission.sqm to prevent the 'deleted content' error message.
  15. CartoonrBOY

    Grafzahl's Breakable Melee Weapons on Buildables

    I'm having issues too. At present my hatchet gives no wood. Perhaps it would be better to apply a chance to break the melee weapons regardless of their distance to any buildables, kinda skyrim style. So overtime melee weapons will eventually break...instead of hitting 999999 times. If I get...
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    You may find this useful. Good luck with the mod. I think the weather is an essential part of the core survival experience.
  17. CartoonrBOY

    My Custom Camps !!

    I used that last image as my loading screen. I love the queue of cars, they really add to the realism of the situation. You can imagine all the people running from their cars as the zombies approach. Great work Hexxar.
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    I'm not sure. I think it has something to do with the grass draw distance. Kewl Triage. It's possible to adjust many of the weather settings in the DynamicWEatherEffects.sqf. I like maximum weather on my server. It's a shame it doesn't goto "Hurricaine ."
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    Discussion \ help thread link
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    Discussion thread for [EFFECT] No FOG. After reviewing seeweeduk's advice, I've revised this mod. This will give you no fog, and a view distance fixed at 3km. Changes to the view distance can only be adjusted in the PBO so be mindful of other players FPS when setting the range. 1. Unpack your...