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  1. snifferson

    [How-To] Customize the Starting Gear/Loadout (no custom dayz_code req.)

    Folks...i just wrote a mod to simplify managing factions with custom loadouts, spawn points and members..... Had a pain in the ass modifying my init. Hope it helps someone....
  2. snifferson

    [WIP] Code for two bridges between Mainland and Prison Island and Mainland to Skalisty

    Here is an extract from my init.c Add the //Spawn helper function section and //Your custom spawned objects It creates two nice bridges between the mainland and the islands. I started populating the one to the prison with a military base and some vehicles. I will share as I expand it and...
  3. snifferson

    [RELEASE] Custom loadouts per player

    Folks, just to share my solution.... I am no expert programmer so it's likely not beautiful but it works. This code is implemented on my test server and works. It provides 5 of my testers preassigned kit on spawn and spawns them into the Prison. This works fully with the current Dayz...
  4. snifferson

    Spawning player in same location

    Folks, Can someone point me to how I can spawn certain players in the same spawn point each time. I have some people who I have configured with custom loadout in the init.c I recokon I could set the location selectively via the routine that creates the player in init.c but I don't know what...
  5. snifferson

    [RELEASE] Custom loadouts per player

    OK I figured it out... You need to declare the variables for GUID, player1 the beginning of the init.c file and it works...
  6. snifferson

    [RELEASE] Custom loadouts per player

    I get the same issue.....any response on this yet? Great Idea and i would love to implement it. Even a hint as to where to get the relevant classes to figure it out myself would be great!