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    Question regarding patrolling helis code

    Plz geel free to ignore the question... Just lookin for roughly how the patroling heli works... Had a look @ the code & just want to verify thats how it works. If u don't mind... saves some time on trying to debug & verify it -------- Heli spawns, Gets told to move to a waypoint & @ end of...
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    Epoch Cherno - Operation Dogfight 1 - SARGE AI + Missions - Random Spawn Loadouts + More

    Operation Dogfight @ Looking for a new server to setup a home ? Dedicated Server Intel® Core i7-4770 Running Just One DayZ Server Restarts Every 6 hours... Server Restart Time Countdown in custom debug Features Anti-Hack(s) Protection SARGE AI -- killmsgs...
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    Static Spawning Sarge AI from another script ?

    _coords = [1912.21,2244.73,0.00143003]; .......... ........... ............ diag_log("DEBUG - MISSION AI START"); // SARGE AI _ai_marker = createMarker ["SAR_marker_SM7", _coords]; _ai_marker setMarkerShape "RECTANGLE"; _ai_marker setMarkeralpha 0; _ai_marker...
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    Killmsgs when AI kills a player (EPOCH)

    @DayZ_Epoch_Server\addons\dayz_server\compile\fnc_plyrHit.sqf private ["_victim", "_attacker","_weapon","_distance","_damage","_sargecheck","_attacker_name"]; _victim = _this select 0; _attacker = _this select 1; _damage = _this select 2; _sargecheck = (_attacker getVariable ["Sarge",0] !=...
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    Taviana 2.0 Fixes

    Really not enough Tavi Players left atm :( So gonna switch over to Epoch Server, but gonna post a collection of fixes / changes i had. Note most of this is changes / fixes i came across comparing newer dayz code to tavi's dayz code etc... Swimming Bug Fix
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    Operation DogFight 1 + 2

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    Smaller Mission File Tip 14.5kb

    Disclaimer:- Minimal Testing + Only a quick basic overview on how i done the changes... Also i recommend u use a good file editor like Notepad++ Basicly u will have SARGE stripped down version in the mission pbo for clients And a seperate SARGE complete version in the server pbo...
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    Localize Tip

    Just something i noticed with all the scripting releases / examples btw very nice to see all the additions etc Instead of hardcoding the custom text to english etc... Use Then make up a stringtable.xml and add it to your mission pbo i.e an...
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    Chopping Wood Fix v0.1

    Its pretty much the chopping wood fix from, just altered the strings for the trees used in sara map... Basicly instead of dayz standard chop wood check floor surface = forest... The fix checks all objects within 30 metres + if they match the string for tress. If it find 3 matchs...
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    Loot Bug Fix for v 0.1

    This is a client mission bug fix for 0.1 There is typos in the loot arrays basicly i.e class Land_ammostore2 : Military { maxRoaming = 2; lootPos[] = {-0.383789, -2.19238, -2.72875}; should be class Land_ammostore2 : Military { maxRoaming = 2...
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    New/Old DayZ Servers -- IE#10 / IE#11 / IE#12

    ------------ ------------ Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3770 CPU @ 3.40GHz IE#10 Operation Dogfight DayZ Sahrani GMT IE#11 Operation Dogfight DayZ Sahrani GMT+12 IE#12 Operation Dogfight DayZ Namalsk GMT -4 -------- -------- Servers will gain more / extra custom features as i get to re-add...
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    Python program to generate mission file with vehicle db spawns

    Its v.rough around the edges, but makes like alot easier... Very unlikely i update it any further have alot i like todo & not enough time Basicly i used mysql workspace... Select the vehicle table... select all the info & right click -> copy row...
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    Random Premade Starting Gear Bliss Package for random pre-made loadouts Simple code for random chance of pre-made spawn loadouts.. To enable detection of new player spawns, u need to alter your default inventory spawn to ["New Player"] in your instance table. Note:- All the...
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    Do u want old lingor rubbish & tents back ? Mission file with the old rubbish & tents... Note it is 575kb in size, so it will be a nice big mission file for users to download... Also u will need to edit init.sqf & apply a...
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    Slighty Nicer Debug Monitor

    Just altered the debug monitor slighty with some alignment options etc... Latest instruction are @ thx dirty rat hintSilent parseText format["<t size='1.25' font='Bitstream' >%14<br /><br...
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    Lingor Vehicle Spawns

    Since some new vehicles are unbanned in lingor 1.1.1... Someone bug vilayer to alter the biplane to have no radar function :( So the following is mainly just position fixes for default Bliss Lingor vehicle spawn locations... Since afew were odd spots i.e bus that spawns sticking outof...
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    Panthera Vehicle Spawn Locations - Mission File

    Its just a zipped mission file With all the default Panthera Vehicle Spawn Locations.... Nice for when u are adding in new locations to see were the default ones are at.
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    Help: Lingor + Kill Messaging

    Has anyone been able to get this to work ? Tried it + failed horrible & moved on to other small projects atm.... But if someone could tell me how todo it steps wise, would be apprecicated... thx
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    pyBEscanner README pyBEscanner A simple python application with goal of scanning arma2 + battlelog files. This this not protect against people using a battleye bypass Features: * Multiple Servers ( No multi-threading support, it scans 1 server at a time )...
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    Disco Bot

    Its a v.rough and prob broken in many ways lol But its a basic disco-bot, that spawns in players position for 40 seconds holding their gear. Also note:- players wait an extra 60 seconds @ login regardless if there is a bot or not... Its just a temp solution i put in place to prevent players...