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  1. D4ng3r

    Add buildings to dayz_server help requested

    Why do you not put it whole in mission file ? and call it from init.sqf ? This works 100%
  2. D4ng3r

    OW 025 Time changing issue

    Well guys i don't know if u have the same problem but... I run server OW 025.. and i have problem each 10 min it changes date and time... i found part where it sets to full night... commented this out.. didn't help... what can be the problem ?
  3. D4ng3r

    Need Help with it

    ty everybody for ur help.. its ok now...
  4. D4ng3r

    Help - Salvage Vehicles

    Same problem here, searching for fix... thinking about to change the fn_selfAction for old one... mby will help... there are allso other problems, with bloodbag and so on...
  5. D4ng3r

    Halo Jump Script Help!

    I was setting all by option#1 for ow 24 it worked and for ow 25 needed allitle of resettings
  6. D4ng3r

    [EU] DayZ Overwatch Xtreme (0.2.4 / 103719) | SARGE AI | Custom loot | [VET|3DP:ON:CH:ON] 30+ Helis

    Adder more map modifications, over 15... outposts with baracks, eztra baracks, more loot and guns
  7. D4ng3r

    How do i add building to my Dayz server (

    I have made the folder in pbo called "map_addons" and i have called it in the init.sqf with: [] execVM "map_addon\airflds.sqf"; I hope its mission.pbo\map_addons... And in init.sqf you have to call for it as: [] execVM "map_addons\airflds.sqf"; you have there [] execVM...
  8. D4ng3r

    How do i add building to my Dayz server (

    Make sqf or finde somewhere... in ur mission.pbo make folder called map_addons ( or any ) and call them in init.sqf after "filmic" setToneMappingParams [0.153, 0.357, 0.231, 0.1573, 0.011, 3.750, 6, 4]; setToneMapping "Filmic"; [] execVM "map_addon\airflds.sqf"; and b4 [] spawn { while...
  9. D4ng3r

    [WORKING] Halo Jump - New/Re-Spawn Only

    I will die soon i think... i need help... Setting it up for overwatch 0.2.5 the one on my init.sqf ...somecode... //[] execVM "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\antihack.sqf"; .....somecode.... if (dayz_REsec == 1) then { // #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf" }...
  10. D4ng3r

    [WORKING] Halo Jump - New/Re-Spawn Only

    2. dayz_server.pbo>>compile>>server_updateObject.sqf Change to (Comment Out): Code: /* if (!_parachuteWest) then { if (_objectID == "0" && _uid == "0") then { _object_position = getPosATL _object; diag_log(format["Deleting object %1 with invalid ID at pos...
  11. D4ng3r

    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    Check RPT log file for server it will tell you where to look
  12. D4ng3r

    What version was Overtwatch created on?

    Yeah Reality now new one is
  13. D4ng3r

    Need Help with it

    Hi guys trying to setup overwatch server and getting this in server console 20:57:59 "STARTING LOGIN: ["18864262",B 1-1-A:1 (D4ng3r) REMOTE]" 20:57:59 "LOGIN ATTEMPT: "18864262" D4ng3r" 20:57:59 "LOGIN LOADED: B 1-1-A:1 (D4ng3r) REMOTE Type: Survivor1_DZ" 20:58:14 "STARTING LOGIN...
  14. D4ng3r

    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    Ty, great work
  15. D4ng3r

    Base Building DayZ 1.2 Released

    Well this basebuilding is not made for files.... b4 rosska85 helped me out... hope he will help you aswell... or if u want i can send to you my working files... mission and server
  16. D4ng3r

    Is this a hacker?

    well my friend... u can ban ingfame as much as u want.. but he will come back... you need to ban him in Bec or smt
  17. D4ng3r

    Is this a hacker?

    Did you banned hes ip? or guid ? and with battleeye ?