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    [Help/Discussion] Zabns Take Clothes

    Hello Everyone, I have this script working great with Overpoch however I would like to have the following skins available for removal, could someone assist with this? "gsc_military_helmet_wdl", "gsc_military_helmet_wdl_AT", "gsc_military_helmet_grey_AT", "gsc_military_helmet_wdlSNP"...
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    [How To] Join servers that have switched to the Steam Client

    Hello All, I run the Hammertime Overpoch server and after my hosting company switched to the steam client I have noticed several people trying to join my server. What I have been seeing is they try to join and immediately disconnect, this is telling me that they do not have the files from there...
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    Guide for people having issues logging into server thru steam

    Hello All, First off let me appologize if this is in the wrong forum, moderators please move to correct one as needed. I just wanted to put a guide together for those of you that are haveing problems connecting to epoch servers that have swithced over to steam from dayz commander I know this...
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    DayZ Base Building 1.3 Discussion

    I will send my rpt shortly. just wanted to let you know. my admins can build just fine. this is why I am told it is my antihack. I will disable my antihack and see if they can build on my test server
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    DayZ Base Building 1.3 Discussion

    Hello All, I am having an issue with infistar not allowing my players to build, has anyone fixed this issue yet? when they try to build a flag they get the build menu but do not get the preview/build option. I know some people have been having this same issue, what I would like is to know how...
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    DayZ Base Building 1.3 Discussion

    Hello All, I am haveing all kinds of trouble getting this script to work in Epoch does anyone have a working set of files they could post for this? or failing that does anyone know how this is done for I would really like to get it working on my NAPF server. I know it can be...
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    How do you Increase the number of AI in dynamic AI settings

    Hello All, I am trying out DZAI for the first time. I have followed the instructions and got dzai working on my test server right now. what I want to know is how do I increase the number of ai for dynamic AI? I dont want to use the static ai at this point untill I get things setup the way I want...
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    Epoch (1.0.3) Units (NPCs) are not working anymore.

    Hello, I am having troubles with getting my self blood bagging to work as well as my vehicle unlock. how did you mange to get your to work?
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    Need Help with DZAI

    Hell All, I am having issues with getting DZAI to run on my vanila Epoch server files, I have followed the instruction on the GITHUB with the install and I have enabled the debug markers and still can not seem to get it to run. everything runs fine on my server I just can not get DZAI to load...
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    HAMMERTIME Epoch Server Event

    Hello all again, I just realized I forgot to add my Email address for the referrals. email:
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    HAMMERTIME Epoch Server Event

    Hey all I am hosting an event on the HAMMERTIME Epoch Server. I am giving away a real 1 ounce copper Zombuck coin to each of the 1st 2nd and 3rd place winners who can shoot the most zombies from midnight Oct 30th to midnight Oct 31st in a single Life if you die you lose. I am also giving...
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    Ammo Box writing to Database help

    I have performed all the above and still can not get the contents to write to the database.
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    Ammo Box writing to Database help

    Ok, I have my ammo box added to all the above files, I have them added to my safe objects as well, what do I need for a custom variables? If you have this working could you please give me an example of what you did to get it working?
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    Ammo Box writing to Database help

    Swift, I added the Boxes to all 3 of the files you mentioned but it still does not save whatever is added to them, what did you do to make yours write to the data base?
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    Ammo Box writing to Database help

    I see that I have had 13 view, Is this an issue that many people are having? if so has no one come up with a fix yet?
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    Ammo Box writing to Database help

    Hello All. Well I have successfully added an ammo box to my server DAYZ 1.8 HFB hosted. now I am having a problem with the database not saving what ever contents I add to the box in game. I know this worked in so I was hoping someone could help me to figure out how to get this same...
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    Storage box Help

    Hello all, Well I managed to get a storage box spawned by adding the box to my safe objects. Now my issue is with items writing to the database that are put into the box. Let me give you a bit of history here. I had this working on then I had some issues with DDOS attacks on another...
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    AmmoBox wont stay

    Hello all, how can this be made to work with version 1.8? The deleting the ammo box portion is not included in any of the 1.8 files.
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    Custom Box storage For dayz 1.8

    Hello All, I know this subject has been covered for Dayz But I am now on 1.8 and could use some assistance. I had this working on 1,7.7.1 but now with 1.8 it does not work anymore. What I am trying to do is spawn a weapons box for my players to use as storage. this worked in
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    help with adding new food items to server (beer and candybars)

    Ok I got that, and I understand that the items go in the food section, but what I would like to know is what is the beer called? ItemBeer? or is there some other name it is called I have looked at my cfgloot.hpp file and have not seen it anywhere and I havent been able to find this information...