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  1. Sandbird

    [SUPPORT] Mission vehicles warning + Bicycle handbrake

    This is the discussion and support thread for ESS - Enhanced Spawn Selection. >> Release Thread Link << Please remember to check client and server RPT files for errors: Client RPT: C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\ArmA 2 OA\arma2oa.RPT Server RPT: FTP\server config directory\arma2oaserver.RPT...
  2. Sandbird

    [Release] Mission vehicles warning + Bicycle handbrake

    Mission vehicles warning + Bicycle handbrake This little tweak does 2 things that i think are useful for any server that has the Deploy bike script, Missions and Mountains :p Got the idea when i was looting a barrack, and on the back wall, there was a body next to a bike, under a big mountain...
  3. Sandbird

    Greek Operation Forces [](Coins|SlotMachine|Lottery|Bank|RavenBackPk|VirtualGarage)

    Server IP: -mod=@DayzOrigins179;@DayzOverwatch;@DayZ_Epoch1051; Features - Local [GMT+0] with Full Moons. (Day lasts till 22:00, after that it starts getting darker) - Safezone Trader Cities (+AntiTheft) – (Small trade zones are not safezoned) - All game transactions are...
  4. Sandbird

    [WIP] Dayz Epoch - Building emails base owner about trespassers !?! WHAAAAT ?

    Still need a lot of work....but you get the idea. The idea is the base owner will be able to register his email inside the game on a laptop, and will have the option to activate the detection shield while he is not online. (It will not activate when players from his friends list are there, so...
  5. Sandbird

    [Released] Use zombie guts to hide from zombies like "The Walking Dead"

    I was watching "The Walking Dead" the other day and i liked that famous trick they do that they smear themselves with zombie parts to hide from zombies and thought of making a mod just like that. I added a lot of stuff to it, and its almost complete. Basically you gut some zombies and use their...
  6. Sandbird

    Access \z\addons\dayz_sfx\

    I am writing a new script and i need to access the sounds in \z\addons\dayz_sfx\zombie\ folder. Is there i way i can do something like this (it doesnt work): classCfgSounds{ class wzombie1 { name =""; sound[]={"\z\addons\dayz_sfx\zombie\femalezombie_spotted_01.ogg",0.3,1,40}...
  7. Sandbird

    [Tutorial] Anti-Glitch script. Block unconscious players from being dragged into bases [Epoch]

    There is this really annoying bug on Epoch, where a player can be dragged inside walls/bases when he is you get a little surprise when you log in the game and get killed inside your wall proofed base. Well not anymore Here is the fix for it. What this does This will NOT...
  8. Sandbird

    How to change an existing CfgVehicle without a new pbo

    I am running an epoch server that includes the MAP_EU.pbo. I just want to change the 3d model of a plant it has: From this: class MAP_c_weed2: MAP_Plants_DNo { scope=2; displayName="G c_weed2"; icon="\MAP_EU\icon\PG.paa"...
  9. Sandbird

    if !(isNull (findDisplay 46)) in 3d editor

    Is it possible to do this in 3d editor ? if !(isNull (findDisplay 46)) then {...}; Because i am trying to do it there and its not working. I want to write a script and want the player to use some keys for controlling a camera, but i realized that the keys were not working and ended up finding...
  10. Sandbird

    How to get cursortarget Blood value

    I am trying to get the blood value of the cursortarget unit. I can do this: Bloodv=round(cursortarget getVariable["USEC_lowBlood",false]); but thats a bool value....How can i get the proper blood value ? Is it broadcasted by the opposite player ? Do i have to do it myself ?
  11. Sandbird

    [SUPPORT] Dayz.Epoch.3d.Editor.Live.Mission

    Help thread for Dayz.Epoch.3d.Editor.Live.Mission
  12. Sandbird

    [Release] Dayz.Epoch.3d.Editor.Live.Mission WITH database interaction!

    Dayz.Epoch.3d.Editor.Live.Mission What it does.... A custom mission file for the purpose of testing/writing scripts for DayZ Epoch without the need of a server. It emulates the dayz_server and dayz_mission files, for live testing of code inside the 3d editor. Features Fully working GUI...
  13. Sandbird

    [SUPPORT] Dayz Server Control Panel [PHP]

    Help thread for
  14. Sandbird

    [Release] Dayz Server Control Panel [PHP]

    Installation Time : Easy This is a little script i wrote for controlling a dayz server, from a moderators or game admins can restart the server in case something happens.....but without giving them full Teamviewer access for example. Its pretty simple to use and install. All you...
  15. Sandbird

    Battleye filter mpeventhandler

    I moved some objects that i was creating on the client to the server, and used addMPEventHandler on them....but now i get kicked from the game. I add the handler like this in the game: o12 addMPEventHandler ["MPHit", {[o12,5] execVM "custom\obj_hit.sqf"}]; The error is like this: 01.03.2014...
  16. Sandbird

    What is wrong with this addEventHandler?

    I am making some objects in my dayz_server.pbo and set some global variables on them _this = createVehicle ["Land_Campfire_burning", [7086.0464, 2746.9268, -6.6757202e-006], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _this setDir -130.23953; t11 = _this; _this setvehicleinit ' this setVehicleVarName "t11";'...
  17. Sandbird

    Moving buildings to dayz_server.pbo problem

    I am making a building complex and while in the editor or SP mode its working fine....moving the file to the dayz_server is giving me some problems with aligning buildings together. This is my 1st building on which the others depend on : _vehicle_18 = objNull; if (true) then { _this =...
  18. Sandbird

    Particles spawned on some objects.

    I am trying to do something similar to the snow effect like this script : (I am pretty sure a lot are familiar with it.) I developed the script in the editor and even tested it on the MPmission (not dayz...simple arma MPmission) and...
  19. Sandbird

    Spawn on top of building

    I am spawning a MAP_misc_deerstand and i want the bot to spawn on the deestands' floor, instead of the ground. Is this possible ? I am using cust_markers_chernarus.sqf _this = createMarker ["deerstand_tower", [4319.6689, 4331.8779, 13.05]]; _this setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _this...
  20. Sandbird

    [Scripting Q] nearestObjects, doesnt return all objects

    I am trying to add weed grass to the server, but the function that harvest_plants doesnt recognize fiberplants, This part: // allowed trees list move this later _trees = ["pumpkin.p3d","p_helianthus.p3d","p_fiberplant_ep1.p3d"]; _treesOutput =...