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    Epoch Origins item insertion.

    You might check this post for clues.
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    Epoch Base Maintenance

    It should go in the Objects section of hiveext.ini. See for more details.
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    SARGE AI and Epoch

    Have you run this with the debug on ? That should show you whether and about where AI are spawning. Also, check that there are spawns defined in the files relevant to panthera in your \addons\SARGE\mapconfig folder.
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    Customizing AI Weapons

    I have edited the AI loadouts in the past. I have not tried to add Dayz Epoch guns to Sarge, but you certainly can to other AI such as those that spawn using the DZMS or AIMissions so I would think you can do this for SargeAI easily. Just be sure you have not made any syntax errors in the...
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    DayZ Epoch traders are not there.

    have you checked your .RPT file for errors ?
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    Super easy question I can't find the answer to

    II would think you need to pass something to avoid a script error. You can test for the number of arguments passed with count _this. I think that to pass on an empty or dummy variable, you still need an entry in the argument list, but you could pass "dummy" or something if nil did not work.
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    [RELEASE] DayZ Taviana Epoch Traders

    If you wish to add custom traders, you can add the AI traders to the mission.sqf which by default appears in your mission.pbo. You can add additional objects here as well, or spawn them in server side, to create the trader village, camp, or city. The menu is set by the class name of the trader...
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    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    Johanersrosby, There is most likely an error in your fn_selfActions.sqf. Have you checked your server .RPT file for errors ?
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    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    Your server provider usually has a link to download the default mission.pbo.
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    Teleporting w/ Admin tools epoch

    Matt2K, You would need to define an array listing the UID for any admins: AdminList = ["zzz","zzz]; You would need to define Admin using something like this Admin = (getPlayerUID player) in AdminList;
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    [Tutorial] Custom Loot Tables and Adjusting Spawn Rates

    There are a few ways you can do this. The new Basebuilding 1.3 has an antizombie generator that is quite nice. It just pushes zombies outside a perimeter. This is the cleanest solution for ordinary DayZ. There is a zombie...
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    [Tutorial] Custom Loot Tables and Adjusting Spawn Rates

    I believe you could call the zombie_generate function or wild_spawnZombies functions using the coordinates at which you want to spawn the zombies as the position. for example, [_position] call wild_spawnZombies; // [postion to spawn zombies, true they will loiter, [array of zombie types to...
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    [Support] DZMS DayZ Mission System

    Vampire, Great mission system once again. It has worked flawlessly on Nemalsk and Cherno for us. Players have enjoyed the greatery randomness over AI Mission system. I have one suggestion regarding how the mission timers deal with AI for one mission when another for the same class is...
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    [Release] DayZChernarus Mission System

    Yes, they can be added. You would add the following: _unit addWeapon "RPG7V"; _unit addMagazine "PG7V"; _unit addMagazine "PG7V"; to add_unit_server.sqf at about line 124, right after this block of code //clear default weapons / ammo removeAllWeapons _aiunit; //add random...
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    Player forcefeild bases

    The most likely cause is an error somewhere in your mission.pbo, most likely where you added the sensors for the protected dome. If you post your mission.sqm and .rpt log I am happy to take a look.
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    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    It is quite possible that your anti-hack software is the cause. I asked about mission vehicles and so forth because the .rpt log entry you described is one I have seen when the anti-hacker code in server_cleanup.fsm (pre-Epoch 1.0.4) or server_functions.sqf (Epoch 1.0.4 - detects you...
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    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    I am stumped ! What version of Dayz are you running, and what other scripts are running with self-BB ?
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    Krixes - Self Bloodbag Script

    That most likely means that the server thinks that the vehicle you are in was spawned illegally. Is the vehicle one you spawned in with an admin tool like Blue Phoenix's ? If so you need to use a fix such as that used for the deployable bikes or for the mission vehicles in the AI Missions...
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    Not sure what the answer is here Niall. Glad you got the script working though otherwise.
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    not sure but thinking that the routinen that sets their waypoints might keep them away from the castle. Consider fortify as an alternative way to get them to set up shop in one spot. consider adding a few structures to your map as fortifications as well for them to hide behind. I have seen this...