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  1. Sharkking

    dayz vehicle salvage w/o duping

    So far only tested with should work with any 1.8 version. 1) Addons\dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf find //repairing Vehicles uncomment the salvage part //Repairing Vehicles if ((dayz_myCursorTarget != _cursorTarget) and _isVehicle and !_isMan and _hasToolbox and (damage...
  2. Sharkking 3.0.0 public test

    Hello, Everyone who wants to help is welcome to get the test client and give feedback. For anything related to gameplay, bugs (with screenshot, location and description ) or suggestions please feel free to post it in this thread. Feel free to link let´s plays or livestreams as well. The...
  3. Sharkking

    Taviana 2.0 for Dayz 1.8 (Sharks Build)

    Status: DayZ Code Server to try it: due to upgrade Download (Client): unpack it to your Arma2 OA Folder, start Dayz with override @Taviana18 Download (Server)...
  4. Sharkking

    Official Server List for Civilian 2.0

    EU Server 1 : (fixed doubled buildings/fps lags) US Server : (fixed doubled buildings/fps lags) US Server 1 :
  5. Sharkking

    custom humanity on new players

    does anyone know where to set up humanity for new players in ? I wanted to have all new players spawned with hum = 0 thanks Sharkking
  6. Sharkking

    individual SAR_HUMANITY_HOSTILE_LIMIT for every AI type

    Hello Sarge, topic should say it. Wish to have it like this to configure different values SAR_BANDIT_HUMANITY_HOSTILE_LIMIT = +2500; (OVER THIS LIMMIT) SAR_SURIVOR_HUMANITY_HOSTILE_LIMIT = -2500; (BELOW THIS LIMMIT) .. this would create a "save zone" for not beeing aggroed as a fresh spawn...
  7. Sharkking

    migration from reality to pwnozor db

    has anyone made such a migration recently and migt wanna share the scripts ?
  8. Sharkking

    TerrorCherno awaits new Players

    server is closed now please join the official 2.0 servers
  9. Sharkking

    Ingame Debug monitor

    Hi there, prolly a dump question but how can i enable the monitor in general located in debug\playerstats.sqf ? tanks
  10. Sharkking

    question about unit placing

    Hi Sarge, i played a bit with a replacement of the DayZOrigins AI with Sarge. Unfortunately i was not able to specify eg sniper locations on roofs because it seems the hight parameter in the coord definition seems to be ignored. Am i doing something wrong there or isn´t it possible.
  11. Sharkking

    TerrorTaviana welcomes new players

    IP: - 300+ vehicles on map, more than 850 non-standard spawn locations. - basebuilding enabled - C130 always on - Refuel Truck always on - no armored vehicles - strip vehicle parts - wasteland style environment - Sarge AI protecting special Areas and roaming some...
  12. Sharkking

    SAR_respawn_waittime and player vehicle checking

    Hello Sarge, first of all thanks for this great Framework. I have one question for the config value SAR_respawn_waittime. Does this apply to each player or do they respawn every time a new player comes close enough to trigger them ? EG playerA snipers away the group and playerB comes in and...