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  1. SchwEde

    [Release] Origins Vehicle Upgrades (Updated)

    Origins Vehicle Upgrades what it does? This is the vehicle upgrade Script from the Origins Mod for the Origins Vehicles. Note: This version lets you upgrade everything with one scrap metal. I will release and update soon where you can decide what materials and tools are required for each...
  2. SchwEde

    Are you running a Arma2/DayZ Mod Server? the Sign Bug! Thanks for your support:)
  3. SchwEde

    Check if a flashlight is on/off

    Hey guys, after some searching i did not find anything to get this done, so i hope some of you can point me at least into the right direction. I just want to check if a Flashlight is on/off from a gun. i could find something similar for cars...
  4. SchwEde

    [Pointing Help] Roming AI

    Hey Guys, can someone tell me which script could bring me patrolling AI. I did see something on WAI, but not sure if its just standing NPCs or patrolling once. DZAI already tried, but i dont like it that they hunt you down. i had homething like Sarge did with his AI, is there something out...
  5. SchwEde

    [Epoch|Fix] Salvage Vehicle Tires and Damaged Parts

    ============= [Fix] Salvage Vehicle Tires and Damaged Parts ============== What it does.... Fixing the Salvage Vehicle Script. Some Admins know the issue that it is possible to remove 8 Tires from any Cars/ATVs or it is not possible to remove fully repaired Tires. This thing should fix this...
  6. SchwEde

    [Help] Server offline in DayZ Commander and Gametracker

    Hey guys, I'm stucked at this little issue here. After i updated the server to 125548 its not showing offline in dayz commander and gametracker. So this is what i did: config.cfq requiredSecureId = 2; steamport = 2300; steamqueryport = 2301; Joining Port: 2302 Put a new Inbound Rule on the...
  7. SchwEde

    [Help] Remove Veins/Supply Crates

    Hey guys, im struggling with a litte issue. Im using a custom remove.sqf because of plot pole for life script. My Problem now is that the Veins and Supply Crates only dissapear locally and not global. So every player can remove them once. Dont know how to fix so they dissapear on every Client...
  8. SchwEde

    [Help] Overpoch Disable engineering ability

    Hey guys, i think i'm not the only one with this issue. I try to disable the repair action from the stalker skins. They are disabled in the overwatch dayz_code but since Epoch is overwriting it they still having it. I just need to put this: engineer = 0; or something like this: class...
  9. SchwEde

    [Help]Count Backpack Items

    Hey guys, i want to check the backpack inventory if it has items in it. Problem so far that i have is that its always saying me its bigger then 0 here is the code i'm using: _backpackWpn = getWeaponCargo unitBackpack player; _backpackMag = getMagazineCargo unitBackpack player...
  10. SchwEde

    King of the Hill Mod (?)

    Hey guys, where do i get king of the hill server files from? (Altis) Hope anyone has a good answer for me =)
  11. SchwEde

    Custom Loot Tables Epoch

    Here is how to get Custom Loot Tables on your Server: Download these Files: Paste them in your Missions.pbo in any folder. in your init.sqf: DZE_MissionLootTable = true; //Custom Loot Tables at the top of...
  12. SchwEde

    New Charakter with Kills from dead one

    Hey guys, I'm searching of an way where i can give a new character all the kills from the old dead one or prevent to set everything to 0 for the new character. Thanks for any Help :)
  13. SchwEde

    [SOLVED] Battleye! Damn you!

    Hey guys, since a few days i've got a very annoying problem with Battleye: I allways have to restart the game after i joined a server and want to rejoin it. its not checking required Version and kicks me for Client not responding. Cant really say whats wrong. I allready reinstalled my whole...
  14. SchwEde

    Rubberbanding in Character_Data

    hey guys, Using Epoch BetaPatch 112... i have a problem with my character data for some reason, while vehicles and every other table is working correct, the character_data dont. The rubberbanding effect is enormous, sometimes they spawn on the position 20 minutes ago. Cant really tell...
  15. SchwEde

    Root Server Hoster

    Hey guys, hope some of you can give me some advice on this one. I want to rent my own root server and dont know which one to choose. Just want to run 2 Life Servers (32 Slots /50 Slots) and another for Testing Scripts. So nothing big. A little plus would be if i can run a Teamspeak-Server...
  16. SchwEde

    Trader Menu based on humanity

    Hey, i try to get different Menus on the trader based on the player humanity. I tried different ways but non of them worked. This is what i tried so far: server_trader.sqf switch (true) do { case ((player getVariable "humanity") >= 5000): { menu_GUE_Woodlander2 = [ [["Black Market...
  17. SchwEde

    Blue Phoenix Admin Tool diag_log help

    Hey, Hope someone can give me some help with this one: I try to add a diag_log to BP Admin Tool so i can see in the Logs when another Admin is using it. I tried to add a simple diag_log to the dayesp.sqf: if (isNil "builtin_tp") then {builtin_tp = true;}; //Use built-in teleport if...
  18. SchwEde

    Log Name Changes

    Hey guys, i was wondering if there is a way to log players who changed their names. I just dont like it if players behaved like idiots and then change their names to get away with it. I have a list of my "black sheeps" and check them from time to time, but it would be great if there is an...
  19. SchwEde

    Sinky´s SetViewdistance (players can set individual Viewdistance)

    Sinky´s SetViewdistance Set your own viewdistance in game. The Script was fully written by Sinky, so all credits to him. I just removed the TerrainGrid part. If you want players to set the TerrainGrid just go through the files and remove all comment comands. Requirements fn_selfaction.sqf...
  20. SchwEde

    Unlock Skins on DayZ?

    Hey, is there a way to unlock some arma 2 skins on DayZ without making any changes in dayz_anim.pbo. I had something in mind where the players have to download the addon and unlock some skins, sadly i cannot find a way how to do that. Thanks for any Help Cheers