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    building names

    Im trying to make some map additions using the arma 2 editor. Some of the buildings i add dont spawn loot and i have read this is because they need renaming from MAP_ to LAND_ Is there a list anywhere of what buildings need renaming to what etc?
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    spawning zombies

    Whats the best way to spawn zombies at a set location? Im running a epoch server and working on some custom map edits and want a lot of zombies to spawn quite oftern. I have tried the mass grave but the flys are annoying amd also it lags out a bit when i add a few of them. Is there any script...
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    whitelisting actions

    Im trying to set up the latest of blurs pro version anti hack and currently i keep getting kicked when logging in as a normal player (not admin) I know i need to add items to the whitelist and have looked here however im unsure...
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    DayZChernarus Mission System question

    Im using the DayZChernarus Mission System and its running great however i have a couple of questions. 1) How do i make the AI more difficult? currently people are just sniping them from distance and yet even though the AI have sniper rifles they are not shooting back 2) how do i make the AI...
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    safezone help

    i wasnt sure if to post it here or in discussions so please move it if i got the wrong one. Im trying to get a safezone working on dayz epoch for each of the trader citys. I can get the safezones working on there own however i need it to work with Blurgaming.coms anti hack. Does anyone have...
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    Config help

    I have got AI installed and working however think i have a problem in my settings somewhere. I have in my SAR_config.sqf SAR_dynamic_spawning = true;" and // maximum number of groups / grid SAR_max_grps_bandits = 1; SAR_max_grps_soldiers = 1; SAR_max_grps_survivors = 1; // chance for a...
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    dayz epoch

    Should any script that works ok on cherno work on the cherno epoch mod? I know a few scripts are implemented already.
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    spawn vehicles damaged.

    Im trying to put some vehicles in chernarus that spawn with 0 fuel and also are fully damaged requiring full repair before they can be used. I can place them fine using the map in and then in the database i edit the vehicle table and change damage_min to 0.800 and damage_max to 0.900...
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    how are the cords in the db set out? as in whats the angle the vehicle points at, its position and height? [w,[x,y,z]] Would w be the angel, x and y the cords and z the height above sea?
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    care packages on chernarus

    Does anyone have a script for care packages on chernarus? have had a look but cant find one :(
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    ability to punch

    I have no knowledge in coding so its not something i can sort out my self but has anyone got a idea if it would be possible to make it so that when you have no weapon selected you are able to punch the zombies/other players? If its not possible when unarmed what about changing one of the non...
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    Scoreboard. (I key)

    Does anyone know how to get the scoreboard to show up again when pressing I?
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    Help with "Tiger - DayZ Towing/Heli Lift"

    I have added the Tiger - DayZ Towing/Heli Lift by following the tutorial here however can only get the Heli lift part of it to work. I have tried towing a heli and a S1203_TK_CIV_EP1 using a ural yet no option to tow shows. Heli lifting works fine witch is strange as i only had to add one line...