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  1. Zombiegirl

    I was wondering? AI protectors?

    A few months ago I was on a server that for a fee would have AI protect your base, and they were non hostile to the base owner. Would anyone know how to do this? Or was this guy just the scripting king of the world?? LOL!
  2. Zombiegirl

    Tutorial CCTV

    This script was written by maca134, all I did was copy it from his github, I loved it so much I had to share it. Link to the Github is: Download the zip file there!! Installation Instructions Without Custom fn_selfActions.sqf Copy CCTV folder to your...
  3. Zombiegirl

    Permission to post Server??? Need Help!

    I am trying to post my server advertisement, and it says that I have insufficient privlidges. I was wondering how I would get privlidges to post there. Thanks You -ZG
  4. Zombiegirl

    Zombiegirls world!

    [/IMG] Please have a look at my server. I have a server that's about a month old. No admin abuse, and we are growing like crazy. instead of putting every script known to man in it. I wanted the core of dayz to be there. Its survival! I have a few custom scripts, but most of all we have a great...
  5. Zombiegirl

    Video for everyone who has come to our server.

    Thanks everyone for the really nice support we have received for our server. We have received many people from this forum, and I wanted to make a video saying thank you!
  6. Zombiegirl

    Building bridges

    Hello everyone. I am having a bit of a problem. My server is running the Napf map and I am having problems building a bride over water to an AI island I created. Does anyone have any tips for building over water?
  7. Zombiegirl

    Map additions server side.

    Hello all, I must apologize if this topic has been covered, but I couldn't find it anywhere. As we start adding map additions to our various servers, there seems to be an ongoing situation. My mission files keep getting larger, and larger!! I was wondering if there was a way to but all of our...