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  1. AVendettaForYou

    [RELEASE] DayZ Taviana Epoch Traders

    ATTENTION: THIS IS NOW THE DEFAULT EPOCH TAVIANA TRADERS, FOR FUTURE UPDATES/CHANGES/ETC VISIT FOR ANY CHANGES TO TAVIANA TRADERS. I originally started this project by adding in a trader city, but the more I looked at the map, the more I became frustrated...
  2. AVendettaForYou

    [FIX] Dayz Taviana and Epoch missing kh_dayztaviana content

    I believe I have found a fix for the common missing downloadable content kh_dayztaviana when you are trying to run a dayz epoch taviana 2.0 server. This may come as a stunner and I am not 100% if this is the solution but it does get rid of the error and does not seem to have any negative impact...
  3. AVendettaForYou

    [Release] AVendettaForYou's Custom Buildings

    I have started a project to add some additional buildings to Chernarus for everyone to use. You can find all of my work at my website: This package includes additional buildings at the following locations: North West Airfield North East...
  4. AVendettaForYou

    DayZ.ST Overwatch Now Supported

    As part of the DayZ.ST Official Staff, I would like to announce we have finally integrated this mod for customers to rent now. We are currently running the latest patch 0.2.3.
  5. AVendettaForYou

    Channel Enabling/Disabling

    As some server owners may notice they don't have side chat in game, for example: DayZ.ST has the option to enable side chat through the control panel but when you go into the game you still aren't able to use it. This is going to show you how to enable or disable certain channels on your server...
  6. AVendettaForYou

    [Tutorial] Custom Loot Tables and Adjusting Spawn Rates

    ======================= PREFACE ======================= This will be broken up into different parts and show customization to each one. First before we begin I would like to thank each person that has contributed to figuring out how to customize loot tables as well as these threads that...
  7. AVendettaForYou

    Enabling Clear Ground around Crash Site Loot

    This is a simple guide that shows two ways on how to enable clear ground around your loot at crash sites. Since I've still been having people ask how to enable it here is the way. _________________________________________________________________ The first is an extremely easy one to do, and...