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    LOGIN RESULT: Exiting, failed to load _primary: ["ERROR"] for player: 8710025

    when I try to run my server I get this error LOGIN RESULT: Exiting, failed to load _primary: ["ERROR"] for player: 8710025 I dont see the survivors loading into the surviviors table. how can I fix this?
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    Fix and respawn cars and helis to their original spawn points?

    Can someone tell me how to fix, and refuel the cars and helis to their original start points every server restart? Thanks
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    how do you merge 2 map addition mission files

    I have 2 different map additions and would like to combine them, how do you do this?
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    delete and Fix and Refuel Vechiles to their original position

    I run a very populated PVP server where cars and helis get destroied. Is there anyway to have the server delete all vehicles to their original postion? its very annoying to do it by hand. thanks
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    adding fog, but not the ground fog

    does anyone know how to add fog (not ground fog, causes to much lag) to a server using dynamic weather script? for example, I would like to have the fog or mist that reduces visibility come on at 8 PM on the server, is this possible?
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    please help.. I just want clear skies always on my server

    Here is the deal. I had an older version of a anti hack. I have met hive.ini to set to start on a certain day, month,and has clear skies and full moon on this night. old anti hack, this date works. on the newer version of the anti hack, the anti hack some how over rides my...
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    how to ban entire subnets in dayz

    I noticed some hackers are trying to hack my server so I want to ban their subnet. for example (would like to ban that) can this be done on ban list or firewall? how do I do this?
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    I think its lame there is NO SOUND WHAT SO EVER when a door opens. can anyone make it so we hear a creaking sound?
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    how do i make the server delete bodies after a certain ammount of time?

    the dead bodies are lagging and I would like to remove them after 15 minutes time,
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    how to make my server stop spawning loot

    we use care packages on our server and we would like to see if removing the spawning loot will add FPS. is there a code I could put somewhere to stop spawning the loot? thanks
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    how do I add buildings to the mission file?

    I cant seem to find the CORRECT way to add buildings and stuff via the mission file. one guy told me this one guy told me that can someone tell me or show me the real way?
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    drive by shooting

    a script where players can hang out the window and shoot?
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    does anyone know how to turn ON kill messages

    I am trying to figure out how to turn on kill messages, it is a good way to catch can I do this?
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    reality hive keeps deleting my weapon creates

    I am using reality hive on for some reason, about 15-30 minutes into the game, something deletes my weapon creates I put in through the base. is there anyway to fix this?
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    where does the [] ExecVM go ?

    Everytime I try a script, they say at the end of the init put [] ExecVM "xxxxxxxxxx" but it never works, is there a certain place these codes are suppose to go? Thanls
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    adding russian, american flags and other things to map

    I want to add bases to my server, and have certain bases have certain flags. when I add them like cars through the tools menu of dayz control center they never show up do I need to add them in the database or something? also, where can I get the code for all the weapons and amo that are...
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    having 2 HIVE.INI's for day and night?

    would it be possible to have 2 HIVE.INI 1 for day and 1 for night and have the server rotate them?
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    CreateVehicle Restriction #0

    Why do people on my server keeped getting kicked for CreateVehicle Restriction #0 what is this and how can I stop it
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    my battle sripts folder has nothing in it, Should I be worried?

    I am trying to use this script and it says to add this line to battle eye script text !"lights\house_lights.sqf" BUT my battle eye scripts text only has this code in it and nothing else 5 "[_this,\"players\"] execVM...
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    Making my server start at 1600, with time moving forward until server restart

    On my server I somehow had it that I could set the time at 1600 and have 5 hour reset at 2100, so as to have day/night in each restart since came out, I cant do this. how can I do this or is it possible? please help!