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    Despawn Zeds when player enters a vehicle

    Aha i see. Ill look into that. Thanks for the reply :D
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    Despawn Zeds when player enters a vehicle

    Hello all, i an currently working on an epoch 1062 server, and there is a feature i would like to add (you may not agree with it but hey :P) I have seen it on a few servers, both epoch and overpoch where if a player has spawned zeds (say at a military camp), if they were to get into any...
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    help with the 1.8.9 server

    Is your database schema the same name as the "database name" in hive.ext? Also make sure you have set the username and password in hive.etx to be the same as your database?
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    Epoch Admin Tools Not Working

    Have you added you player ID to the config file in the admintools folder? I recently uninstalled EAT as we purchased Infistar for our server. If your EAT still dont work, feel free to send me your server .pbo and you mission folder and your player ID and ill see if i can get it working for you.
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    Walking zombies in 1.9

    Sorry if this does not help you, but ive only worked with dayz epoch and not vanilla. In epoch there is an "init.sqf" file which includes numerous settings and gameplay aspects. One of these is walking zeds. (They walk at unaggro'd speeds even when aggro'd) perhaps have a look and see if you...
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    Epoch 1061 Heli Lift system

    Hello, im currently working on a server that is nearing release (within the next week i hope) and i realised that i was missing a very popular part of epoch. The Heli-Lift system. Now i know there is a built in heli lift enabled by default in configVariables but this requires two people (one to...
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    Epoch1061 logout punishment Script Help

    Aha just what i was looking for. Ill will test this when im back at my setup tomorrow and ill get back to you. Thanks a bunch :)
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    How long destroyed vehicles respawn?

    Alright, well good luck, any more questions feel free to ask them in this thread, and ill try and help
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    How long destroyed vehicles respawn?

    While never running a vanilla server, i have ran epoch, which has an option in the init.sqf to change how many vehicles can be on the map at one time. If this is the same with vanilla, you could change this number if you want more or less vehicles to spawn
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    How long destroyed vehicles respawn?

    Destroyed vehicles wont respawn upon restart or in any other period of time. Vehicles spawn "Dynamically" meaning they spawn in mainly random places around the map. Its very unlikely you will get the same vehicle to spawn in the same place it spawned previously just by destroying it
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    Epoch1061 logout punishment Script Help

    Hi, ive been playing Arma 2 (Dayz Epoch) for about 1200 hours now, and recently i have started to develop a server for Epoch 1061. The server is near completion and is only missing a few small scripts and some touchups here and there. One script that I need to add is giving me a hard time... On...