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  1. OZPAX

    [IDEA] POWER GRIDS (Street Lights)

    There was something similar to this in an old DayZ mod, (I forget which one exactly) but you could repair the generator/switching site and the local street lamps would fire up. This would be an excellent addition to SA.
  2. OZPAX

    are there Tent in 0.63 at this time

    I have had 2 tents set up on a modded server, for over a week, so far no de-spawn, but that could change on any given Wednesday.
  3. OZPAX

    are there Tent in 0.63 at this time

    As of today 19 NOV (at least) tents seem to be working fine. Construct/deconstruct, store gear, open close, add accessories, all seem to be working. Only come across 2 different versions, so far. Large car tent and military tent. Mil tent you can add camo net (works OK) and X Mas lights...