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  1. Zeehond23

    True roaming AI, is there still such a thing?

    All AI I've been seeing has dynamic spawns etc. Sarge had the one thing I truly loved about AI, they spawn at server start and just roam around the map never despawning. No AI framework I've seen since has had this feature. Any of you guys know one?
  2. Zeehond23

    Perma Zeds

    Hi guys, I have a dream. A dream of perma zombies that populate the server on restart so people don't get that "oh zombies there's a player" headsup. This would be a (massive) FPS hog, so ideally it would be ran by a headless client. But even without, about 400 zombies should only have a max...
  3. Zeehond23

    How is the hacker situation these last few months?

    Have they mostly left or is it still rampant?
  4. Zeehond23

    Dayz 1.8.1 tent problem

    Hey guys, For some reason the tents on my vanilla server are not saving. Anyone who experienced this before?
  5. Zeehond23

    [zd] Vanilla mercenary DayZ 1.8.1 - No 3rd person, no tags, no mods. Just DayZ. Tired of 128312387123 mods servers? Want to return to DayZ like it was meant to be? Look no further! Introducing to you our Vanilla Mercenary server. - No mods - No bullshit - No 3rd person - No shortcuts You will die, a lot. You will curse, a lot. You will cry, a lot. But...
  6. Zeehond23

    Zero Dead OverPoch Namalsk

    Zero Dead - OverPoch Namalsk Server Search for Zero Dead in DayzCommander or PlayWithSix Server IP: Port: 2302 -> OverPoch Namalsk 0.75 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Current mods - Mission system - Hostile NPC - Starting...
  7. Zeehond23

    RTP error upon starting

    Hey Buttface, getting this error upon loading with the latest version Warning Message: Script z\addons\dayz_server\DZAI\compile\ai_buildingpatrol.sqf not found File isn't there, also.
  8. Zeehond23

    Local test client kicks to lobby

    Hey guys, So I've managed to set up a local test server. Starts up ok and I can load in just fine. However, when I take a few steps, the server disconnects me and I can get back to the lobby. local RTP: "[NAC AII CLIENT] :: AII client INIT." "DEBUG: loadscreen guard started."...
  9. Zeehond23

    Static AI keeps spawning even when set to false

    did some tinkering, got pretty fun results. The weird talking zeds are herplederplezeds from namalsk. I tried it with the regular zed skinds, too, same results. They attack AI and people, aswell as other zeds. sorry for the crappy quality However, the zeds keep on spawning, in great numbers...
  10. Zeehond23

    Static AI keeps respawning even when set to false

    So I did some tinkering with skins, and got new zeds spawning using dzai. But, the trigger keeps on putting new units on the map, even when I set respawn to false in the static spawn file. Is there another place I should be editing/looking?
  11. Zeehond23

    pilot/driver blocks access to vehicles for others

    Hi, Yhis bug has been getting to me for quite some time. Sometimes a driver/pilot in a vehicle will stop others from being able to enter the vehicle. Now, this does not happen all the time, so it's a bit of a guess when this occurs. Sometimes after an hour or 2, sometimes right from restart...
  12. Zeehond23

    dynamic weather not being dynamic (aka sunny times 24/7)

    Hi, For some time now I've been trying to get dynamic weather working on my namalsk 0.75 server. I've removed these lines from the antihack drn_fnc_DynamicWeather_SetWeatherLocal = {}; if (isNil 'dayzSetOvercast') then {dayzSetOvercast = 0;}; if (!isNil 'dayzSetOvercast') then {0...
  13. Zeehond23

    set AI to mind visibility

    Is there a way to set AI to follow visibility? For instance, my server has a possibility of have fog=1, which means you can see 20 meters and then almost nothing. AI don't really care and spot you from 200 meters regardless of fog. Any way to force them to follow visibility rules?
  14. Zeehond23

    localized weather using a trigger

    hi, I was wondering if it is possible to get localized weather using a trigger. E.g. have a city in thick fog and clear the rest of the server. From what I've been reading I'd have to set up a trigger: class Item10 { position[]={9615.84,131.63644,11370.1}...
  15. Zeehond23

    9:40:35 Warning: z\addons\dayz_communityassets\models\soda_rabbit_clean_full.p3d:0 Error while tryin

    hi, Where do I find the dial log for this error? And similar errors? 9:40:35 Warning: z\addons\dayz_communityassets\models\soda_rabbit_clean_full.p3d:0 Error while trying to generate ST for points: 91, 93, 150 Cause it's spamming the rtp with useless info.
  16. Zeehond23

    Weird RTP error

    Hi, I was looking at my RTP file to check something, and I got this weird error: 17:20:18 Error in expression <if (name player == 'Dr. T'Soni') then { if (getPlayerUID pl> 17:20:18 Error position: <Soni') then { if (getPlayerUID pl>...
  17. Zeehond23

    Rocket is fixing low fps in cities on Dayz Standalone

    Would this possibly be used to fix the issue in the mod, too? Let's hope so!!
  18. Zeehond23


    I get this error in my rtp ever since I installed dzai. could not load sound 'ca\dubbingradio_e\radio\male03en\default\core\civilian.ogg' Any idea what is the cause?
  19. Zeehond23

    [help request] Players spawning in as birds/massive desync

    Hi, For some time now I've been trying to fix an issue. Whenever there are 30+ people on the server, I get this annoying bug that makes players spawn as birds. Also, massive desync plagues the server at these playernumbers. How would I go about fixing this? I see servers running a constant 60...
  20. Zeehond23

    Massive desync at 30+ players

    Hi guys, So, I got the seagull thing fixed. But, at the moment whenever there are 30+ people on there is massive desync on the server. I set maxping kick to 200, and got extra cleanup working. basic.cfg MinBandwidth=15728640; MaxBandwidth=104857600; MaxMsgSend=1024; MaxSizeGuaranteed=512...