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    Afterlife Dayz OVerpoch Script Pack +full battleye +bec autorestarter

    Afterlife Dayz OVerpoch Script Pack -7 custom build... (Basebor,Balota,Basenovy,Elektro (trader) Gem trader, Hilltop) -Wai Mission -Bank traders ( disabled) //MODULES// -abandonedvault -deathcorpse -drug_bust -gems -player_supply -weed Scripts: -safeZoneRelocate -Stormz Craft menu...
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    Sheeps Epoch Repack ESS

    If for init file im delete bus ( //Bus Route if (BusRouteScript)then{ if (isServer) then { [true] execVM "scripts\busroute\init_bus.sqf"; }; if (!isDedicated) then { [] execVM "scripts\busroute\player_axeBus.sqf"; }; }; ) Then i can't choose cast! If i write back to init then, next to...
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    (Help) Bandit

    we have this problem, when one bandit sit into one vehicle the normal player and hero player too cant sit into. So thats the problem what we have, please if you know the solution pls send it to me. Thank for your help Daryl
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    (Help) Battle eye

    Strart dayz=connect lobby exit desktop
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    Help [Battle eye]

    Unable to get my public IP address 2nd UV set needed, but not defined in ReportStack not available BattlEye client updated to version: 231 HTTP error 500 (res=7) Info: (( About to connect() to port 8181 (#0) Trying Connection refused couldn't connect to host...