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  1. KrisiS

    showCommandingMenu - Help needed with dynamic coloring

    Is it possible within this menu to add colors to the vehicle parts needing to be repaired based on their damage percentage like dayz mod was? ASL_Show_Repair_Options_Menu_Array = [ ["Repair Menu",false], ["Repair Body",[0],"",-5,[["expression","['repairCarHull'] Call...
  2. KrisiS

    Fill bottles from pumps ?

    Hello :) I've added some extra pumps to config.cpp but still cannot fill water bottles from pumps in Chernarus. Any idea what else I need to do in order to make this one work? Any help is much appreciated :) class WaterSource { name = "Water tanks, barrels, coolers or pumps"...
  3. KrisiS

    [] - How to spawn more vehicles?

    I have an issue where only a handful of vehicles are spawning on a fresh database install. How can I up the amount of vehicles spawning? Also, how can I add custom vehicle spawn points? The database is different than I remember it being on Thanks for any help :)
  4. KrisiS

    UID Based Spawn?

    Would anyone know how to create a script based on the following: Have all the usual spawn points. Then for certain UID's , let these guys have an additional Spawn Location named 'Home' which would allow them to spawn at their respective bases. Each base would be from a coordinate that is...
  5. KrisiS

    How to check for login count?

    How can I check the amount of logins from the Database in order to run a script at say for example the 1st login? if (total_connections<= 1) then { ** Script ** } Many thanks for any help at all!
  6. KrisiS

    Need help: How can I tidy this script, it seems a bit buggy ?

    It is meant to give players some respect and money for every 30mins of play. The server restarts at 6hrs. Something seems a bit odd though as it sometimes resets peoples respect and money back to 400 if they relog or die. Am I missing something very simple here? I'm really not sure about the if...
  7. KrisiS

    Please Help (Dynamic Text)

    Please help me to fix this script. This Works: if (ExileClientPlayerScore >0 && ExileClientPlayerScore <2499) then { titleText ["", "PLAIN DOWN"]; ["<br /><br /><t color='#ff0000' align='left'>RANK:</t><t align='left'> 0/10 (<t color='#FFFF00'>Bambi</t>) </t><br /><t color='#5882FA'...
  8. KrisiS

    [Exile Mod] - UID Based Custom Loadouts?

    Hey guys, By any off the wall chance, would you know how to make UID Based Loadouts work for exile mod?
  9. KrisiS

    [] extra_rc.hpp (Possible to add: if (_playerID == "") then {)

    Is it possible to make an option in the extra_rc.hpp only available to a player that has their PlayerID approved? Similar to a Loadout in the server_playerLogin.sqf Thank you for any help :)
  10. KrisiS

    Cessna 185 Skywagon - Add this to ?

    As the title suggests, is it possible to easily add the Cessna 185 Skywagon to ? If so, how can it be done? Many Thanks :)
  11. KrisiS

    Disable Spacebar - CommandMode ?

    Hi, Can someone help me to disable the CommandMode which is accessed by pressing the spacebar. With infistar running, the admins cannot access this via spacebar but the general players can. I want to make it so that no-one can use the spacebar to scan the horizon and identify others. Any help...
  12. KrisiS

    [] TrapTripwireGrenade - How to place Armed Traps via SQF ?

    I have a .sqf file for an Ai base on the map which contains some TrapTripwireGrenade in it. These traps do spawn on every restart but they do not explode if stepped on. How can I make these TrapTripwireGrenade armed ? Example from .sqf: _vehicle_518 = objNull; if (true) then { _this =...
  13. KrisiS

    How to make it say 'This Vehicle will despawn' on entering vehicle?

    Is it possible to have vehicles that were added via the editor come up with the message "Warning: This vehicle will disappear on server restart!" just as it does from DZMS ? I tried changing this: _vehicle_178 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["Old_bike_TK_INS_EP1"...
  14. KrisiS

    [1.8.3] Players not gaining humanity after shooting bandits

    Hello guys, I'm having a problem where people that kill bandits are not having there humanity raise. If they kill survivors though, they lose humanity. Is there a fix for this or another thread that I am overlooking ? Also, I know there might be a fix somewhere that can help me to fix the...
  15. KrisiS

    [1.8.3] How to Change Serverside Viewdistance ?

    Hey guys, I am probably overlooking a thread here that would work for 1.8.3 but is there an easy way for me to change the viewdistance for everyone on the server from 1600m to 1200m ? It probably doesn't give much but I wanted to see if it would improve performance for people across the board...
  16. KrisiS

    [Help Needed] (1.8.3) Editing the Damage from the M107 ?

    Hey guys, Is it possible to edit the damage done by the M107, currently is does '0' damage per hit. How could it be done? Thanks :)
  17. KrisiS

    Delete me please

  18. KrisiS

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  19. KrisiS

    [HELP NEEDED] Custom Loadouts - Based on UID.... (1.8.3)

    Hello, I have put the following into server_playerLogin.sqf: //Variables _inventory = [["glock17_EP1","ItemHatchet","ItemMap","ItemToolbox"], ["ItemAntibiotic","ItemBandage","ItemBloodbag","ItemMorphine","17Rnd_9x19_glock17","17Rnd_9x19_glock17"]]; _backpack = []; _items = []...
  20. KrisiS

    [SOLVED] ( Default Starting gear / Spawn Select

    Hi, I have the spawn select active on my server & want to keep it. I want to change the default starting gear on my server as it is currently players spawn with 'flares' only. Whatever hive version I am using, apparently it doesn't support database custom loadouts, so this is a no go. I...