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  1. tri3

    Welcome to DayZ Banjaxed

    Reality server file not release?
  2. tri3

    [WIP] Sauerland

    saurland.rar is CRC error :(
  3. tri3

    Old Fields Base

    Not found.
  4. tri3

    T.H.P.L Server is here

    Howdy. Welcome to my server. Survivor,Hero,Bandit,Clan ...... All welcome !! 【Server Name】 DayZ Civilian - (1.0.2/103718)[VETERAN CH:OFF][GMT+9] -SilentChernarus- Steam Group/Dayz JP - CLAN T.H.P.L Server IP: Location:JPN 【Server feature】 ADD Objects(MAP edited...
  5. tri3

    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    Sorry,I forget adding. My settings will be like this. sounds[] = { bark,growl,introSong,playerSnoring,nam,eve,puk };
  6. tri3

    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    I use descrExt.h,It is fine work. My descrExt.h is introSong & Dogsound,Airraidsirens,Tentsleepsounds inside. class CfgSounds in description.ext is not work. class CfgSounds { sounds[] = { bark,growl }; class bark { name="bark"...
  7. tri3

    Blur Gaming Custom Spawn Tutorial

    I changed Line 133. 5 "rspawn" !"rspawn = 'spawn'" !"rspawncode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'spawn.sqf')" !"rspawncode" to 5 "rspawn" !"rspawn = 'spawn'" !"rspawncode = compile PreprocessFile (BIS_PathMPscriptCommands + 'spawn.sqf')" !"rspawncode" !"playerspawn.sqf"...
  8. tri3

    NEW Weapon Suggestions!

    Gauss Rifle from S.T.A.L.K.E.R!! Rail Gun? It not true:D
  9. tri3

    Accelerated Time

    CoD = Call of DayZ ?
  10. tri3

    DayZ SilentCelle - (1.9/103419) [Veteran|CH:OFF] DayZ JP T.H.P.L Server

    Here is Silent Hill ...? No. Here is Silent Celle !! Survivor,Hero,Bandit,Clan ...... All welcome !! Cry for fear and Have a fun;) DayZ SilentCelle - (1.9/103419) [Veteran|CH:OFF] [Any Customize] DayZ JP T.H.P.L Server| IP: Port:2302 Hosted by HFB Servers...
  11. tri3

    dayZ Street Lights

    My fog setting is class Item3 { side="LOGIC"; class Vehicles { items=1; class Item0 { position[]={9030.6191,14.67,2713.5688}; id=2...
  12. tri3

    dayZ Street Lights

    This script is working very well in my Celle server. Thx Axeman;)
  13. tri3

    [INFO] Trinity Island

    Mitsubishi Lancers !! Yeah !!
  14. tri3

    Celle Bug Reports

    I can understand. Zombie has been actively attacked when using normal ammunition to P90 SD, even though such sounds should be small. I use the guns and ammunition of the same attribute. It seems the same thing is happening in other firearm silencer.
  15. tri3

    Celle Bug Reports

    Is MOD specifications when using normal ammo to gun silencer, the zombie is to react?
  16. tri3

    V1.7.5.1 Celle Release -Download here-

    I want to play celle early. I will not wait anymore!
  17. tri3

    Download Released! Server Online 2.2.13 - 20 oClock

    No... All Server ping to high...
  18. tri3

    DayZ Ovaron (choppers with lifting script) high ping :(
  19. tri3

    Hello, I am a survivor in JP. I want to join your BanZ community.

    Hello, I am a survivor in JP. I want to join your BanZ community.