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  1. clifdayz

    [REQUEST] Sarge Ai 2.0

    looks great! just add an aimbot to the AI and you're all set. lol.
  2. clifdayz

    Beta + Modding Coming Soon!

    well, it only took a year from the post above for this to almost happen! lol
  3. clifdayz

    [FR]DayZ Epidemic Mod D.E.M Gaming pve

    ok, sounds interesting but where to get @mbg_celle and @Dayz_Epidemic?
  4. clifdayz

    V1.7.5.1 Celle Release -Download here-

    ooh, a map I haven't tried to get running. Where did you download from? Looks like I downloaded cell a long time ago but I have a few copies not sure which is the latest. I suggest dayzmod 190, turn off towngen and all the cherno things, then add ESSV3. I assume the building classnames are...
  5. clifdayz

    script config.sqf not found with 1.9.0 server

    I love arma2+dayzmod! this is what I was told recently on the dayzmod discord in reply to my guide that says to use a symlink from \arma2oa\addons to arma2\addons ebayShopper - 01/19/2018 @skigoggles launching the server with "-mod=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Arma...
  6. clifdayz

    script config.sqf not found with 1.9.0 server

    a while ago someone told me to symlink \arma2oa\addons\ to arma2\addons and then I just use -mod=@DayZ;@Hive recently I heard that's whats causing a minor error I've had in the RPT forever and that I should use: -mod=C:\Arma2;Expansion;CA;@DayZ;@Hive assuming arma2 installed in C:\arma2
  7. clifdayz

    script config.sqf not found with 1.9.0 server

    what @FallingSheep said. from 189 to 190 config.sqf was split off from init.sqf and you can't mix/match server/mission files across versions. pwnzers is a great starting point and I used it myself in the beginning but if you can install xampp, you can install mysql. Not to make it more...
  8. clifdayz

    script config.sqf not found with 1.9.0 server

    i'm not aware that it depends on a certain version of mysql. I downloaded the latest from the mysql website for the server I built a couple of weeks ago.
  9. clifdayz

    script config.sqf not found with 1.9.0 server

    the new hive requires newer msvc 2015, did you install that?
  10. clifdayz

    script config.sqf not found with 1.9.0 server

    you should also edit config.sqf to match your server, with dayZ_instance being the most important value to set. Those errors look like a Db config issue. thats in hiveext.ini or maybe you didn't start mysql? can't tell exactly.
  11. clifdayz

    Can i change time for self bloodbag DayZ Mod 1.8.9

    did you even try and look? A good place to start would be dayz_code\medical\selfbloodbag.sqf
  12. clifdayz

    script config.sqf not found with 1.9.0 server

    init.sqf includes config.sqf you need to copy config_dist.sqf to config.sqf and modify accordingly.
  13. clifdayz

    I want to remove items from loot spawn

    oops, that was from some mod fixes for 189. Its dayz_code\loot\init.sqf with this line _cfgGroups = (configFile >> "CfgLoot" >> "Groups"); changed to this line _cfgGroups = (missionConfigFile >> "CfgLoot" >> "Groups");
  14. clifdayz

    taki server install... help needed with database error please

    I'm not an epoch export but the errors tell me your Db is the wrong version. Looking in the epoch github I don't see this table or column Table 'dayz_epoch.banking_data' doesn't exist Unknown column 'CashMoney' in 'field list ['INSERT INTO `Character_DATA`] googling the references I see to...
  15. clifdayz

    Server freezing

    yeah, I've used Ixxo too. Not sure which are which now, but I have the northern zone, kras, novy, dichina, svet, one between cherno/balota and cherno docks. DZAI too. I want to say hardware. maybe a disk corruption?
  16. clifdayz

    How-To Create Your Own DayZ Mod Vanilla Server

    Updated for DayZ Mod 1.9.0
  17. clifdayz

    How long destroyed vehicles respawn?

    the other things to mention is that in vanilla there is this code in pCleanup() #remove damaged vehicles older than vehicle_spawns.CleanupTime DELETE FROM object_data WHERE CharacterID = 0 AND Damage = 1 AND SYSDATE() > DATE(last_updated) + INTERVAL ( SELECT...
  18. clifdayz

    Server freezing

    Silly to mention it, but I assume you have restarts every 3-6 hours. Also, you say vanilla but also mention "roaming AI". Which romaing AI package are you using? I've used DZAI for years and never had that problem. I'm thinking some script issue eating memory, creating objects, something like that.
  19. clifdayz

    I want to remove items from loot spawn

    This was for 189, so hopefully it works for 190 but I haven't tried it. quick tutorial: 1) make a fixes directory in the mission 2) You'll need a custom compiles.sqf and change "call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "fixes\Lootinit.sqf";" 3) Make a local copy of lootinit.sqf and change...
  20. clifdayz

    help with the 1.8.9 server

    2 things - 189 is now old since 190 released. Also, 189 needs msvc 2015