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    Syntax DayZ - Customized DayZ Server - New / Custom Military & Future Development

    Hello, Syntax is a gaming community founded on FiveM (GTAV RP). We run a highly advanced roleplay server there. Recently we decided to move into DayZ as some of us have nostalgia and enjoy playing the game. Over the last few weeks, we've realized a lot of modded servers are way too easy and...
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    Trader Doesn't Work

    I fixed my traders, I just made a new fn_Selfactions.sqf and re added the scripts. I dealt with a lot of bugs so if you need help post here or add my skype derppppp. Note: I only am skilled in dayz epoch chernarus- so other maps for epoch idk if i can help out. If you contact me please give...
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    Trader Doesn't Work

    Ok, I am looking into it too. If I fix it I'll let you know, mind telling me what scripts u have? Here are mine: self BB WAI Sarge tow self BB auto refuel flip vehcle salvage veh custom anim helis crash(not sure if it works) nameplates AGN(disabled to find trader issue, but didn't solve it) R3F...
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    Trader Doesn't Work

    I am having same issue but how did you know the issue was with fn_selfactions? Also how did u replace the whole file. is there a way to figure out what script is causing the issue?