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    Deployable parachute

    I have had this idea in my head for some time now about a script that allows you to deploy a parachute when falling from a specific height no matter where it is from whether that is a house, fire station, helicopter etc sound like a good idea? I was thinking of using TorturedChunk's Halo...
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    1.8 Map Porting

    Just wondering if anybody has successfully managed to port the 1.8 version of DayZ (Yes I know some people have already) but if someone is willing to say about any of the problems they faced and how they resolved them would be great as I know and so do many others it is not as easy as it was...
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    Working addons?

    This has been moved
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    New Mod: Seeking Mod developers and Enthusiast's

    I am wanting to start working on a new mod and would like to know if anyone would be interested in helping towards its development. What is required to join the development? I am looking for people who have skills and knowledge of Programming, Bug solving, Server management and Map editing...
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    Client side mod installation help

    If I was wanting to creat a mod like installation for people on the client side to join my server with custom add-ons vehicles, weapons and Scripts etc how would I go about doing this? rather than them installing the addons one by one Thanks
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    Changing zombie skins

    I have been looking through almost the whole code in the Dayz code file and I cannot seem to find where the zombie skins located as I want to change them or would I need to create a whole new model? All I want to do is change the clothing thanks
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    Dedicated server slots to rent?

    Hi, I am pretty well experienced in adding scripts and maintaining a server with the freedom of a dedicated server just the one I was recently running with a friend he is no longer available as much as I would need him to be ( checking the console which I didn't have the access to help me fix...
  8. W Zombie infection chance

    just wondering if anybody out there actually knew how to lower the chance of infection from a zombies on reality builds? or how to down date their version of the patch? Thanks
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    How to down date server version from

    I'm just wanting to know how I wouldchange my server version from back to 1.7.7 or This is on a dedicated server. thanks
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    Uploading a large mission file to

    Would anyone have any suggestions on how I would upload a mission file that is too large to upload using the control panel I do not see where I would upload it to when I use file zilla..
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    Server bikey files

    When installing add-ons to a server do you always need a bikey file to go along with the PBO?
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    Buildings add-on help

    I have recently tried adding the addon MBG kill houses to my server and every time I join I have requesting authentication for about 60 seconds and then it goes black until I press escape then I am in debug. I have moved the key provided to my keys...
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    Zombie attack strength?

    I have a private Epoch server and I was wondering is there a way to change the attack strength of the zombies as you seem to lead on every first hit and I would like to change that. Thanks
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    RMOD 2.1 Help

    I have recently installed RMOD 2.1 on my server which is hosted by Vilayer whereas I haven't had any problems installing it to the server just now when people join including myself have to download a mission file which is the size of 1637192KB which by then my game has crashed or stopped...
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    Suicide headshot help

    I have almost completely added the suicide headshot add-on to my server I am just confused on where I should place the file, it tells me I should place the file… "suicide.sqf in your mission-files root-folder (not dayz_server.pbo)," The first place I thought that would be is as soon as you...
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    fn_selfactions.sqf file location Help

    I was just wondering if the server files for overwatch contained a fn_selfactions.sqf file and if so could someone tell me where I would be able to find it. I would presume it has one somewhere because of the self blood bag script being in overwatch because it needs fn_selfactions.sqf for it...
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    fn_selfActions installation help

    I have looked online and all over the forums and I cannot find any posts relating to adding/installing the self actions SQF file needed for self bloodbagging. I am running a Overwatch private server which I would have presumed already had to have self actions file because the mod already...
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    Adding a building pack to Overwatch?

    How would I / is it possible to add building packs such as the MBG kill houses to a private dedicated server hosting Overwatch? Thanks
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    How to add custom buildings?

    I was wondering if it would be possible to add these buildings to a DayZ server such as a private Overwatch or Breaking point private server running on a dedicated server. If so where would I begin and what things would I need to change. Thanks
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    Vehicles not respawning

    I do not know if I am the only one to be having this problem but none of my vehicles that have been destroyed are re-spawning after the restarts. Here is a link to some of my files: Instance_vehicle: Vehicle...