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  1. clifdayz

    How-To Create Your Own DayZ Mod Vanilla Server

    Updated for DayZ Mod 1.9.0
  2. clifdayz

    Looking for ANY fixes for Taviana

    I don't want to flat out advertise (, but what I am looking for is any leads on fixes for Taviana. We've started up a vanilla-based server and it works and is very playable. Anyone that has any history knows there are issues. Right now we are going to layer any fixes on top of...
  3. clifdayz

    Set off an Explosion and/or Satchel Charge?

    I'm writing new dzms missions and I want to make them more interactive. I'd like to set off an explosion and blow up a humvee when players get within 300m. I can recognize they arein the area, but can't seem to figure out how to blow up a vehicle/set off an explosion. (I know I can drop a...
  4. clifdayz

    Vehicles Spawns / Cleanup?

    I wondered a while ago about how to properly create loadouts based on humanity. The problem is that in the server code server_playerLogin saves the inventory/backpack but doesn't have access to humanity. Server_playersetup has humanity, but no access to inventory/backpack. My workarouns was to...
  5. clifdayz

    Zombies Run, Zombies Walk, but can Zombies Jog?

    so making them walk is easy "_agent forceSpeed 2;" in zombie_agent.fsm, blah, blah, blah. So I was thinking I'd speed them up a bit to make them a little harder. Well, "_agent forceSpeed 3;" seems to make them full speed. There seems to be another spot in zombie_wildagent.fsm but changing that...
  6. clifdayz

    Loadout based on humanity

    I thought this was going to be easy based on other threads, but it's dayz. lol. The server is vanilla (as opposed to epoch) plus some mods. in server_playerLogin.sqf I thought I could just call: _humanity = player getVariable ["humanity",0]; and then check humanity for bandit <-2000...
  7. clifdayz

    Placing vehicleson top of buildings

    I've read a bunch of posts on this and the discussion is usually around. when the vehicle is placed in regard to the building itself and if its done in a script or in the database. In this case, I'm using DZMS as the framework, so the creation of the vehicle is at minimum server_start+4...
  8. clifdayz

    Detecting specific object in an area

    So I've been using the DZMS package for missions and its great. I'd like to have missions that are more specific to the terrain - like in a city. I know how to place the mission wherever I want - say on the heli landing pad in Elektro. I can place the AI around it. The issue is that if the...
  9. clifdayz

    Map Editing

    I've got the basics figured out about scripting and the database for vanilla. I understand the worldspace and have made modifications to a server, mostly implementing basic changes and learning from other code. I've downloaded a bunch of map add-ons in SQF files and added them via the...