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  1. Opticz

    Respawning custom ammobox/crate?

    Looking for the tutorial on how to have a custom ammobox/crate that respawns after each restart in the same location, Can't seem to find it anywhere.. Please can someone point me in the right direction?
  2. Opticz

    Soldiers hostile to everyone?

    How do I make soldiers hostile to everyone? No matter the humanity.
  3. Opticz

    A.I kills counted on debug?

    For some reason I can't get the kills to be counted as murders/bandit kills..ect I had it working perfect with a simpler npc mod but no that I'm using sarge's it doesnt count them. // Log AI kills SAR_log_AI_kills = false; I've tried it with this enabled and disabled but to no avail. I'm...
  4. Opticz

    [Release] Custom Spawn Points Based on UID

    Help and discussion for custom spawn points based on UID begins here... After pasting the trigger code ( the second peice of code ) did you make sure you added $$ to the delimiter text box before pressing ok?
  5. Opticz

    [Release] Custom Spawn Points Based on UID

    First of all I just want to say this isn't my code and I found it in this thread HERE. The thread is basically a mish mash of people discussing it and finally figuring it out, So I thought I'd put it all into one post and write clear instructions on how to do it. This has only been tested on...
  6. Opticz

    IDEA: Underground Storage

    I'm not a coder at all but this just popped into my head and I thought I'd share with you & ask you guys. A tent disguised as a grave ( The dirt mound kind ), Like in Daimyo's base building he has the I.E.D as a grave.. So yeah, what do you guys think? Is it possible? Would be awesome if it is...
  7. Opticz

    Still working on this?

    Hey Stapo, Just wondering if you're still working on or have any planned updates for this map?
  8. Opticz

    Changing the starting skin?

    How would I go about changing the new spawn/starting skin from "Survivor2_DZ" to "Soldier1_DZ"?
  9. Opticz

    AI kill's counter for debug monitor?

    Anyone know if this is possible and would be willing to share the code? :D
  10. Opticz

    Non-lootable skin classnames?

    Anyone help me out with the classnames please?
  11. Opticz

    [ Help ] Oring Classnames?

    Hey guys, Just switched my server to Oring and was wondering if anyone had a list of the skin, vehicle & weapon classname's? Thanks.