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  1. Opticz

    [Release] pick spawn and loadout

    Anyone? :confused:
  2. Opticz

    [Release] pick spawn and loadout

    Thanks alot for the help! However I've already removed those lines from player_spawn_2.sqf. I've followed your tutorial very thoroughly making the edits where needed..ect. I just can't figure whats causing people to be moved back to their original spawn point :confused: This is basically an...
  3. Opticz

    Respawning custom ammobox/crate?

    Apologies I didn't look hard enough! Mod can delete this if you wish.
  4. Opticz

    Respawning custom ammobox/crate?

    Looking for the tutorial on how to have a custom ammobox/crate that respawns after each restart in the same location, Can't seem to find it anywhere.. Please can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. Opticz

    [Release] pick spawn and loadout

    I've got a problem with being teleported back to where I originally spawned.. I've deleted the necessary lines of code you have stated ( Running Epoch ) to disable the epoch anti-tp but this problem keeps happening and I can't figure it out, Can you help plz? Also after relogging into the...
  6. Opticz

    Bandit Marker

    I'm also very interested in this! Has anyone managed to get it working?
  7. Opticz

    Issues with car patrols

    Coolies! Thanks Sarge.
  8. Opticz

    [Release] Car Radio

    Will everyone in the vehicle hear the song you play or just each to their own kind'a deal?
  9. Opticz

    Epoch Custom Loadouts

    Doesn't work Bungle, Get's stuck on loading screen. Anyone else got any ideas?
  10. Opticz

    Issues with car patrols

    Did u update the files to fix the floating patrols yet Sarge? I've been having the same issue on Epoch.
  11. Opticz

    Epoch Custom Loadouts

    The code I posted doesn't work. I'll give yours a shot now Bungle and report back.
  12. Opticz

    Epoch Custom Loadouts

    This should work for custom UID loadouts although I haven't had chance to test it yet... if ((getPlayerUID player) in ["123456789"]) then { _inventory =...
  13. Opticz

    Custom Loadout for Donators

    Please could you explain how to do that? :confused:
  14. Opticz

    Tutorial- Remove weapons/Replace weapons on vehicles

    Could this same method be used to disable vehicle radar?
  15. Opticz


    Thanks for the tut seaweeduk works great :) How do I add infection to the slice finger part?
  16. Opticz

    IDEA: Underground Storage

    Bump. Still very interested to see if anyone could code this?
  17. Opticz

    [Release] mmmyum's zed changes - quantity, AI, spawning, permaLoot, permaZeds& more

    Just got done installing this, The server loads in fine with no problems but zed's aren't spawning anywhere.. What could be causing this?
  18. Opticz

    A.I kills counted on debug?

    You sure you updated all the files Sarge fixed? I haven't had chance to update yet, So please let me know how it goes :)
  19. Opticz

    Epoch Guards with Options

    Set their area marker really small and command them to fortify I'm guessing?