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  1. john_dayz

    Opening P3D File in BLENDER ?

    Is it possible to open a P3D file in Blender ?
  2. john_dayz

    Trigger Walking SFX

    Hi everyone, I am working on a map addition for my mod and i was wondering how to add sound effects by trigger. I just put down a road on the grass in cherno and i tried to walk on it, the sound of the footsteps where the ones when you walk on grass, not on the road i just put in. Is there an...
  3. john_dayz

    Searching for a [3D ARTIST] DayZ

    Hi everybody ! My name is John and i'm a Arma gamer, i have been playing Arma 2, especially Dayz for a yea now. A group of people and myself are currently workig on a Mod for Arma II, we'll maybe move on to Arma III in the future but that's not our worry for now. I am talking here of a Dayz...