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  1. Mobscene

    Zed Scoops

    Looks beast. And I agree with the above. It needs a lawn chair on the roof or something :D
  2. Mobscene

    Vanilla DayZ 2017 Weapons/Items ?

    Your list is correct, from what I know. With the exception of the CZ 550, which Shinkicker has said is removed, but still exist on players that found them before they were removed. I've found the Entrenching Tool, I don't think GPS' spawn though.
  3. Mobscene

    Tent spawn rate

    I don't know if I'm just really lucky or what, but after running around and looting supermarkets I get the idea that the spawn rate on tents is way too high. I think I found like 10 today in a few hours of play. How do you change the spawn rate? I don't have FTP access to my server, but they...
  4. Mobscene

    Turn off Map Waypointing

    Well, I already have the server difficulty set to Veteran, but they are enabled. Probably something else I'll have to ask my host about as they don't offer FTP access(yet).
  5. Mobscene

    Turn off Map Waypointing

    I noticed this is disabled on Shinkickers server. How do you disable the ability to make waypoints in-game?
  6. Mobscene

    Starter Backpack Bug

    I'll have to ask my host about it. Thanks.
  7. Mobscene

    Starter Backpack Bug

    Yes. DayZ.ST allows you to edit the starting loadout. Though, the re-skinned backpacks don't show up in that loadout list.
  8. Mobscene

    Starter Backpack Bug

    My host just added 2017 to their list of available mods. I've set up 2017, ran around a bit, tested some things out and it's working great. The only problem I have run into so far is that the starting backpack is the normal skinned one. Not the 2017 skin. How do I go about changing this...
  9. Mobscene

    DayZ 2017 Austerror ( : 2462 DayZ.ST has finally set up 2017 on their service, and I am in the process of switching my server over. The server is currently down, but should be up soon(host doing some work). There will be Whitelisting, which you can apply for at The...
  10. Mobscene


    Looks like the whole server got this shit from some kid on your server ><
  11. Mobscene

    Tank still needs some adjusting

    The sound on the Gyro is way too loud as well. If someone is flying it anywhere on the map that's pretty much all I hear. Kinda ruins the game with either of those vehicles being driven at once time.
  12. Mobscene

    Feedback on 1.1

    I noticed the cows and maybe other animals are giving their old meat amounts. Killed a cow and gutted it, 8 meat. I think it was 3 in 1.0. You may be able to leave all the animals in, just lower the spawn rate again and make them have 1 steak each or something :P Also, I'm not sure if it...
  13. Mobscene

    "Something went wrong" error

    Getting the "Something went wrong" error on your server tonight Shin. Was playing there earlier and logged off for dinner. Came back and it was empty and couldn't get in.
  14. Mobscene

    Tank still needs some adjusting

    Nice. Hope I find a motorcycle soon :p There looks to be a hacker on your server atm. Or it's just broken. Keeps going from day to pitch black over and over.
  15. Mobscene

    Tank still needs some adjusting

    Will motorbikes and ATV's be making an appearance in 2017? So far the pedal bike is my favorite. I've yet to find the gyrocopter yet, though :p
  16. Mobscene

    Launch with Play With Six?

    Ah, yep. That's what I wasn't doing I guess. Checking the mod off. Thanks :D
  17. Mobscene

    Tank still needs some adjusting

    Yup, that too.
  18. Mobscene

    Tank still needs some adjusting

    Came across one tonight. The first player I found shot it about 20 times with a pistol and enfield. I invited him to come for a ride, since it wasnt taking any damage. Then we drove around running over stuff and people in elektro/cherno. Dick move, I suppose, but amusing. We came across...
  19. Mobscene

    Launch with Play With Six?

    How do I get Six to show all the 2017 servers? I know Shinkicker has his own up, unless it's been taken down. I've installed 2017 in Six, but when I search for "2017" in the server name, nothing comes up.
  20. Mobscene

    2017 update

    I kinda like how putting weapons in backpacks is disabled, bug or not. It forces you to decide what's more important to you. I'll often drop my weapon on the ground to kill an animal with an axe, as to be silent. Then pick it up after. I had a few tents on Shinkickers server, each with a...