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    [Support]- Right click to sell briefcases.

    Support thread for right click to sell briefcases. -VV- Orginal thread -VV-
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    [Release]Right click to sell brief.

    (Sorry for the poor format, I'm new to releasing) Right click to sell briefcase. Version 1.0 This is for Zupa's gold coin script, or any other single currency script that uses headshots to store money amounts. Requirements (Notepad++/ >10 minutes /Easy) Easy = Blue <10 Installation Steps -...
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    Players Overpoch not loading properly.

    Some of my players are having the issue that when they start Arma2 OA with Epoch and Overwatch enabled, it loads Overwatch as the primary mod instead of Epoch. (The logo in the top right corner on the main screen says Overwatch and they get and overwatch load-screen) What do we need to do to set...
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    Backpacks disappearing

    My player are constantly complaining to my admins and I about their backpacks getting deleted, usually when they place them on the ground (somewhat normal for dayz right?) but also when they log out and log back in. I haven't been able to find a fix for this, but one of my admins said he found...
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    Gear deleted on skin change?

    When my players switch skins their main inventory, back pack, and secondary inventory get deleted. It happens to me and my admins as well so it's probably not my antihack. We just updated our Arma and Epoch, and we run an Overpoch server, anybody else having this issue or know of a fix?
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    [SOLVED]Epoch traders not staying open for player after update

    Sorry I post so many help request threads but I feel like a lot of people are going to have this issue once they update. We updated yesterday and today my players are reporting that they can not keep their trader menus open, however I can. That leads me to believe that I need to add an exception...
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    Epoch Base Maintenance

    I have an Overpoch server and I would like to disable the maintenance feature. How would I do this?
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    Epoch Base Maintenance

    I have an Overpoch server and I would like to disable the maintenance feature. How would I do this?
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    BEC not working, please help.

    I recently made a command.xml, schedule.xml, and a admins.xml, how ever none of them work. Can somebody please look over them and see what I did wrong? Config.cfg Scheduler.xml Admins.xml Commands.xml Those are the files that I edited, and of course i can post anything else that...
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    Need urgent support with server please

    I recently started installing some mods for a server, and upon installing we lost all epoch scroll menu options. I deleted all files that came with it and undid all the changes in...