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  1. Beck

    Adding Server Side Map Markers

    I'm trying to add a permanent marker on my servers map for all players to see. I'm hoping it will turn out like something on Epoch, if it's possible. How can I add a marker like a circle, to highlight an area on my map, maybe even with text next to it so that every player on the server sees it.
  2. Beck

    Issue With Database Tables?

    What is causing this? I heard you could disable it searching for the object_data table in the hive.ini, not sure where to find that though.
  3. Beck

    DayZ Server Update

    Hello all, I'm new to dedicated servers and I was wondering how I would go about updating my server to DayZ 1.7.7. I have tried to just replace my @DayZ folder with the new one, tried switching out the mission.pbo/server.pbo files. Just wondering how I should approach an update to my server. Any...