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    dayz 1.8 error

    My log is spammed with this and no one can join. Can someone help me here? 18:10:06 Error in expression <find _iClass; _weights = dayz_CLChances select _index; _cntWeights = count _weig> 18:10:06 Error position: <select _index; _cntWeights = count _weig> 18:10:06 Error Zero divisor...
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    rpt log error

    im getting this error in the rpt log and all vehicles disappear when you get close to them. 20:42:14 Error in expression <n {"NONE"} else {"CAN_COLLIDE"} ]; if (_ownerID == "0") then {_entity setVariab> 20:42:14 Error position: <_ownerID == "0") then {_entity setVariab> 20:42:14 Error...