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  1. Fr1nk

    Jail Script Was playing around with this and it seems to work great in the editor. Install instructions are relatively clear but there's one step I'm unsure of: Add the following line to the "init" field of each playable & non-playable "friendly" unit: null =...
  2. Fr1nk

    Sidechat Kill Message - question

    Has anyone else come across this message: BASE FIREFLY: "A ROOKIE AI BANDIT WAS KILLED BY PLAYER: ANY" Killer name was displaying fine a couple of nights ago but noticed this today. No errors in the log that I can see, not even sure where to start troubleshooting this one.
  3. Fr1nk

    Arma2OAserver.rpt Spam

    Version of SAR_AI: 1.1.0 Version of Dayz: Serverpackage: Epoch [Lingor Island] Type: Unsure - custom version of Reality? Version: Unsure Installed mods: Air Raid Siren/Bombing Animated AN2 Carepackage Drops Animated C130 Crashes Animated Heli-Crashes Campfire Dancing...
  4. Fr1nk

    AI Question

    Question about AI behavior - I notice they occasionally crouch down and do the looting animation on vehicles. Are they actually taking anything? I've set up a small outpost with static AI guards for my players and large chunks of ammo seem to go missing quite consistently. Thanks
  5. Fr1nk

    Death Screen

    Did a search here and Google but didn't find there a way to change the default "You Are Dead" image that pops up after you die? Thanks
  6. Fr1nk

    Tent Issue

    Hi, came across an odd bug a couple of nights ago. Not sure if it's been reported yet, but I'll summarize it below: Basically, I was moving around some tents (dropping and packing multiple times) to get a few tents lined up nicely. I noticed that every time I dropped a tent, an entry would get...
  7. Fr1nk

    Question about vehicle spawns on v2.0

    Hi folks I updated to v2.0 on my hosted server tonight and very quickly noticed something that didn't seem right. The regular Chernarus vehicles were spawning in place of the 2017-themed vehicles. I could even see a Huey on my admin map. I'm guessing these shouldn't be there, so was there some...