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  1. Fr1nk

    [Support] ESS

    Yes, I have both on my test server running fine together. Check your install again, probably just missed a small step somewhere.
  2. Fr1nk

    [Support] ESS

    Can't respawn within 5000m of your corpse, configurable in spawn.sqf.
  3. Fr1nk

    [Support] ESS

    Currently have the 6/12 version installed, will update tonight and see what happens. I had the Epoch antihack disabled, and anti-teleport enabled in 330c.
  4. Fr1nk

    [Support] ESS

    Thanks will make those changes. I didn't have any playerUID's listed in the config and still saw the "Base" button. When I clicked on it, I got moved into the ocean far south of Napf island. Halo drop - I also experienced what someone else mentioned earlier, where you'd float there and not lose...
  5. Fr1nk

    [Support] ESS

    Figured it out, just need to comment out or remove the following classes from spawn.hpp: class btnDono: RscButtone { idc = 1616; text = "Base"; x = 0.6 * safezoneW + safezoneX; y = 0.241 * safezoneH + safezoneY; w = 0.0422917 *...
  6. Fr1nk

    [Support] ESS

    Everything works great. I don't use donor bases on my server there a way to remove the "Your Base" spawn option on the selection map?
  7. Fr1nk

    AI Missions Help for Vilayer

    Zip up all the folders/files and upload. Then use the extract option in the file manager. edit: wasn't paying attention, just noticed you got it working lol :)
  8. Fr1nk

    Type of AI (Hero/Survivor/bandit)

    That's not DZAI then.
  9. Fr1nk

    Type of AI (Hero/Survivor/bandit)

    Nope, AI are always hostile.
  10. Fr1nk

    AI not dropping gold bars?

    By default, spawn rates for gold bars is 3% and for 10oz gold bars is 1.5%. It's not unusual to go through small armies of AI before you get one to drop.
  11. Fr1nk

    How to add new traders to Epoch?

    This might help a bit:
  12. Fr1nk

    Ai help

    Change it so the AI only spawn with a skin that's not available to players on the server. Be sure to add the skin to the allowed list in variables.sqf near the top, or the AI will spawn in invisible: AllPlayers = []
  13. Fr1nk

    been working on this for hours and no luck

    For: AllowedVehiclesLi> 13:41:49 Error Zero divisor 13:41:49 File z\addons\dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf, line 264 13:41:49 Error in expression <ect _lastIndex]; 13:41:48 Error Zero divisor 13:41:48 File z\addons\dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf, line 266 Either reduce the max...
  14. Fr1nk

    Need help!

    What have you been shooting them with? Walls can actually take a significant beating now before going down. Also, are the walls showing any damage in the database?
  15. Fr1nk

    Advanced Kill-Messages

    Something like this?
  16. Fr1nk

    Plans to hand over development?

    Much appreciation from my players and I for countless hours of mayhem on our servers :)
  17. Fr1nk

    Possible Nuke script / fallout like experience on server?
  18. Fr1nk

    Possible Nuke script / fallout like experience on server?

    The coloring is easy enough to do: Couldn't figure out how to do the ash though.
  19. Fr1nk

    Possible Nuke script / fallout like experience on server?

    @FoamysWorld - if at a certain point you choose to release your work, I'm sure it will be appreciated by many here. If not, that's understandable as well. Though, I think it's probably best to drop the...conversation that's started here, it's not really productive for anyone.
  20. Fr1nk

    "Server menu" script for DayZ. Interested?

    After an initial herp derp moment (forgot to package the server_menu folder), got this working and it's great. 2 cans of beans for you :cool: