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    Best AI system?

    I love WAI but DZMS is also really good, try both and go with what suits. As for the missions it's easy enough to customise them, just use an existing mission as a template.
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    Adding custom markers the easy way

    Surely editing the mission.sqm is easier ?
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    Anyone have a Littlebird gun script?

    Try the AH6J
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    Host issues affecting gameplay

    Change hosts while you still have a playerbase, they'll understand if you act soon, leave things with SS and they won't put up with shit servers and never come back. You don't have enough access to fix issues with shared hosts or GSP, if you have a forum or website keep players informed that...
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    Host issues affecting gameplay

    Survival Servers should be name Shite Services :p I tried them once and still regret not getting a refund, they are total shite, they make and HFB look good and they're both useless as well. For shared hosting Vert seem to have the best reviews, never tried them personally. Dedicated is...
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    Need help with scripting?

    You greedy cunt :p €40 for infistar when it's only €28 to buy and takes seconds to install, Chris (Infistar) offers top notch support and would install it for you. All the other scripts are community made and released free, yet somehow you think you should profit from them ? You don't quite...
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    killhouse ?? adding a custom building

    It's part of Epoch, if you're launching Epoch you should see it, no idea why you can't. I have them on my server and nobody has ever mentioned not seeing them.
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    killhouse ?? adding a custom building

    If you run Epoch they're part of the mod now from version 1.0.4 and upwards. Non-Epoch servers then what Vampire said.
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    UKGZ Sauerland | Lift / Tow | Indestructible Cinder | Safe Traders | Gold/Supply Drops | Ai

    Server updated to Epoch We're also ranked in the top 100 :D Huge thanks to all our regular players for making it possible.
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    Remove zombies completely

    Isn't that called ArmA or Wasteland ? Not really Dayz without zeds
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    Changing Hosts but i need my DB Copied over!

    Did it take much messing about ? mine was simple enough but each host has their own setup. Glad you got it sorted at least :)
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    Changing Hosts but i need my DB Copied over!

    I went from HFB to a dedicated server with no issues, have always done things differently though, so any other host would most likely work.
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    Changing Hosts but i need my DB Copied over!

    I've no idea how/where you do backups, I use phpMyAdmin so i just export the files and then imported into my new server. I changed the backed up file name to suit the new database name, worked first time, It seems a daunting task but is actully really simple :)
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    Changing Hosts but i need my DB Copied over!

    Just take a backup and import it to the new host, you might need to change the sql name to suit the new database name. Password and username is stored in the HiveExt.ini
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    using a pubished variable from mission to server file

    Sounds like an intresting project, very handy feature :)
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    [Support] DZMS DayZ Mission System

    I'll have a look at this cheers Vampire :D Currently using WAI on Epoch Sauerland but i've seen your work in the past, I know this has potential, I'll throw this on my test server and reply with some feedback and any ideas.
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    UKGZ Sauerland | Lift / Tow | Indestructible Cinder | Safe Traders | Gold/Supply Drops | Ai

    Here at UKGZ (UK Gaming Zone) we would like to invite you to join us in Sauerland. UKGZ Sauerland IP : Sauerland adds a huge map to Epoch much bigger than Taviana or Chernarus. It not only includes up to 30 villages but a few cities which are up to four times the size of...
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    AI goes through walls

    You need you custom buildings server side, putting them in the mission.pbo means the Ai can't see them, so they walk right through.
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    Fortify AI at missions?

    EMS have a dedicated section for support Here
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    When repacking a deployed bike, nearby buildings and objects disappear

    I was told that's where it came from, I kept the credits as i found them.