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    UKGZ Sauerland | Lift / Tow | Indestructible Cinder | Safe Traders | Gold/Supply Drops | Ai

    Here at UKGZ (UK Gaming Zone) we would like to invite you to join us in Sauerland. UKGZ Sauerland IP : Sauerland adds a huge map to Epoch much bigger than Taviana or Chernarus. It not only includes up to 30 villages but a few cities which are up to four times the size of...
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    Script help for an upcoming release

    Hello I'm looking for some help with an upcoming release i have planed for Taviana servers, I need 2 scripts but i just can't get my head round what i need to do, I keep geting errors that it encountered an object but expected an array. I've made some map edits that spawn randomly in fixed...
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    RPT errors using 1.9.1

    Hey Buttface, I'm using 1.9.1 with Torndeco's mission script and have a few errors, not sure if these are mission related or DZAI related, I know you guys communicate so here's the error from my RPT private "_ret"; if(count _this > 0) then { _ret = count _th> 16:56:13 Error position...
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    [Request] Epoch combat log punishment script

    Hello Does anyone have a combat log punishment script ? I'm sick of the constant complaints that people combat log, my thoughts are you should fight to the death, not Alt & F4 I did find This but it isn't working on I'd like something similer that can break a players leg, reduce...
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    All in Arma (AiA)

    Just wondering if anyone has seen these new gems :) All in Arma > Arma II & Operation Arrowhead imported >...
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    Rmod2 script restriction problems

    Hello :) Can anyone help me work out how to stop getting script restrictions when using Rmod2 vehicles ? When anyone uses the guns on an rmod2 added vehicle they get kicked for various reasons : CreateVehicle Restriction #27 CreateVehicle Restriction #40 I've looked at my scripts.txt but...
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    Is there a vehicle spawn & cleanup script for Lite Dayz ?

    Hello, Lite Dayz is really good and very simple to use :) Huge props to Stapo for the time and effort What i can't find and i have looked is a vehicle spawn & cleanup script, Reality has to spawn in new vehicles and clean up dead bodies, tank traps etc Has anyone...
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    Member already defined error

    Hello, After setting up a new Lingor Skaro server using the Reality build i get an error when trying to join. If i press ok it just restarts the server and loops the message over and over. Any ideas how to fix ?
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    Help setting up using an external database

    Hello, Can anyone help me get Reality working when using an external database ? I have phpmyadmin setup on another server but can't get past perl , It fails with Line 48 The user, password & database have already been setup, I think my issue is the host name ? I'm trying...
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    Server install guide ?

    Hey all :) Would someone be able to point me the direction of an install guide for setting up Dayz servers please ? I've bought a Windows VPS and want to host a mod, I was thinking of either Dayz+ or Dayz 2017 I'm not new to server management but unsure where to start with this, Do i use...