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  1. Dayz Noobs

    Does any clan want to take over my Arma 3 Epoch Server?

    Hey, My server is tumbleweed city. I am looking for a healthy clan to move it and own the place. I'll make a few of you admins and you can run the roost. I just want to write scripts and do the IT admin on the backend...and maybe play once in a while. You guys can dictate the gameplay...
  2. Dayz Noobs

    Need admins epoch - please apply

    My fellow Epoch players, I need help administering my server and am looking to the community for help. I just want to play with my friends IRL and need someone to run the server. We do all the coding (engineers at thrilling jobs by day), and we are just looking for someone to inhabit and...
  3. Dayz Noobs

    Epoch 1.0.2 Stable with Mods Up and Running

    Come join the virgin server. *Custom Loot tables *Custom Guns *Custom vehicles *Beta testing Base Builder 1.2 *Day AI working *Custom weather *6 hour restarts *Fast Host
  4. Dayz Noobs

    Dayz Epoch Noob Server | Massive Loot and Spawns

    Hi Guys, Just got our server up. Custom loot spawns. Lots of Zeds. Tons of Vehicles. Basically, stable all around fun if you want good admins and stable world but not too hard.