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    No I wasn't aware. Perhaps drop Pwnoz0r a PM.

    No I wasn't aware. Perhaps drop Pwnoz0r a PM.
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    Aircraft Carrier loot positions.

    Download it through DayZ Commander, CCG Launcher or DayZ Launcher.
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    PM me your private email and I'll see what I can do.

    PM me your private email and I'll see what I can do.
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    Xbox Anti-Hack

    Actually anything you copy paste from his AH.sqf or AHConfig.sqf is a violation of @infiSTAR 's intellectual property. This is also a violation of copyright and will be adhered to strictly. Thank you for being an invaluable member of OpenDayZ, your account will now be terminated.
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    Do yourself a favor - Avoid Survival Servers they are an *** Party

    Thread >>
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    [Discussion] Who's your GSP or SP and why?

    Just wanted to create this thread so everyone can chat about who there GSP or SP is and why. Feel free to talk about who has the best/worst support and where you should go to get your value for money, specs and performance. I'll start. I can't mention who provides me with my server. But they...
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    Do yourself a favor - Avoid Survival Servers they are an *** Party

    Going to close this now to keep everyone happy! I will open a new thread for suggested hosts shortly.
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    Test Server (Local) Authentication Timeout

    Make sure your server can connect to the database. Verify that your database if on the same machine as the server has localhost added to the authorised connections.
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    Punch/Melee option

    The 'dayz_spaecInterrupt.sqf' is called in your compiles.sqf. dayz_spaceInterrupt = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf"; In the dayz_spaceInterrupt you want to obviously make it local to your mission file but navigate to the...
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    Booby Trap

    Hmmm... not sure about that. Sorry. But the object is already has the 'CAN_COLLIDE' properties so this shouldn't be a problem. I presume it would be something related to the unspeakable AI paths. I have made some enhancements with the delay, makes it a bit more player friendly. I'm going to...
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    Booby Trap

    We do not need to filter the unit again as it was done in our trigger statement. Also at the top of the script you will notice _nearbyUnits = _this select 2; This variable is returning the number of units in the trigger. The stuff borrowed from DZAI is not necessary anymore because we don't...
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    Booby Trap

    Try this _bombTrigger setTriggerStatements ["{(_x isKindOf 'Man')} count thisList > 0;","0 = [thisTrigger,_spawnStash,thislist] execVM 'Scripts\detonateBomb.sqf'",""];
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    Free Antihack - needs updated

    Okay, lets stop derailing the topic thank you.
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    Speed Hack detection

    Yeah this is a basic concept but you would need to add false detections and stuff, players would get kicked on skin change etc. The hacker wouldn't be able to disable this while{1==1} do { waitUntil { sleep 1; !isNil 'PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord' }; private ['_getpos','_distance']; _getpos = getpos...
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    Free Antihack - needs updated

    With all due respect, it would take an unprecedented amount of time to update due to your poor understanding of how the hacks and antihacks work. It is more than just renaming publicvariables, changing displays and endless loops. They both do similar stuff, Hangender's and infiSTAR's hence they...
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    A train of cars [R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG]

    I don't remember which file it is, but you're looking in the wrong one.
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    SEREpoch Arma 2 Dayz Epoch Server Review

    I'm going to lock this before people say something nasty to each other again. #3monthslate
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    Speed Hack detection

    if (player alive = false) then { Should be if !(alive player) then { Here we can do it like this while{true} do { waitUntil { sleep 1; !isNil 'PVDZE_plr_LoginRecord' }; _getpos = getpos player; uisleep 1.5; _distance = player distance _getpos; if (_distance > 40 ) then { PVAHR_...