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  1. Diesel Weasel

    Needing Assistance with InfiStar

    I purchased the $40 InfiStar AntiHack/Admin Tool bundle from the official site a few months ago. Within the first two weeks or so I recieved 2 or 3 updates which brought me up to Update 321. This was sometime back in February, I forget the exact day. I have not recieved an email update since and...
  2. Diesel Weasel

    Outdated "dayz_anim"???

    Okay, I've been spending all day working on my server. I've literally been on here for 12 hours straight trying to get it working. I finally got things to about where I could open when my server dropped. It's a Vilayer server and when I looked it said Status Unknown. About 10 minutes later it...
  3. Diesel Weasel

    Custom Loadout Backpacks

    Hey everyone! I run an Rmod2.1 server and just recently discovered the custom loadout section in the database. I don't know how I didn't notice it before, I feel rather silly now. >< ANYWAYS! I've been having a lot of trouble with the loadouts not working and I finally discovered why. Rmod adds...
  4. Diesel Weasel

    Adding Buildings to Mission

    Hello everyone! My fiance and I each spent most of today building two bases to add to our server. I've turned the SQF files to SQM files and combined them with my current Mission but it locks the server up bad. Neither of the new files will work when combined with the current alone. Could...
  5. Diesel Weasel

    Adding Custom Buildings

    Hey everyone! I admin a Vilayer server and we've finally started getting down to work and spawning in some custom buildings. We're planning on forming several squads and wanted to set up bases for them. While poking around different objects on the DayzSuerHive we came across this group quite...
  6. Diesel Weasel

    Laser Sights and Flashlights Not Working

    Hello everyone! I have an issue that I've been unable to find any sort of help for. I'm hoping someone here will know what's going on... Since we installed Rmod2.1 on our server we've been having a ball of fun! I've been spawning in various versions of the ACR and giving them away. I've taken...