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  1. MajoeT

    Base Protection - My Idea!

    So I'm co founder of a community that runs a very successful, popular DayZ Epoch server and we're always looking at ways to improve our server. If you havent played Epoch before, it adds alot more to do and alot more to lose. Its great that it has safes that are owner lockable but vehicles...
  2. MajoeT

    AI Killing stopping from interacting

    YES; i did read the FAQ and the READMEs on and on github, and i searched this thread for my issue. Version of SAR_AI : 1.1.0 Version of Dayz : Serverpackage Type : Dedicated Server/Latest Pwnoz0r build Version : 2.3 Installed mods : DayZ Epoch, Sarges AI, Anti PvP...
  3. MajoeT

    Custom Loadout for Donators

    Hey people I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, I hope so. How do I go about setting up a custom loadout for donators? I've googled my face off and can't find out how to do it for a custom setup hive on a dedi box. I imagine thats all I'd need to know as I have all the same access...