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    [OPEN] Custom Spawned Vehicles Help

    So I'm trying to add new car spawns via offline mode editor and I have that pretty well figured out, however I cant seem to find a way to have them spawn in in pristine condition like I've done with my other vehicles. Any help would be great, thanks. P.S. the new vehicles are spawned via...
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    How to Spawn Pristine Cars

    I was under the impression it was handled in cfgspawnabletypes.xml but even changing the item chance to 1.00 doesn't seem to spawn with those parts. Also looking for a way to add items in the trunk as well like a can of gas and water/oil. Here is how i currently have my hatchback. in...
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    Advanced towing

    I currently have this mod running serverside, but it prevents my server from being seen on A3 launcher. Anyone have the steps to loading this from the mpmission files that players download from your server when joining?
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    1.8.7 Kill Messages?

    I was wondering if anyone had an update for this last patch (Dayzmod cherno 1.8.7). I attempted to use my old script taking from this: I had a scripter tweak it for for me but he has since disappeared on me and i havent been able...
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    Duplicate Death Messages

    I just set up my server with 1.8.7 and i have added these scripts DZGM DZAI Antihack Mission spawned vehicles Mission edited server variables (reduced zombie number etc.), dynamic weather. Thats about it on mods but ive noticed that when anyone dies it will say they died 2-3 times in a row and...
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    DMR is now zeroing?

    I'm not sure if this is a hack or some script that's been injected, but the dmr is now acting like an m40a3. It has 2 levels of zoom and zeroes from 100-800. I can't figure out how to revert it back to how it used to be. Everyone's dmr zeroes now. Can't figure it out.
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    Assistance needed Converting kill messages to

    The original thread is located here. It was labeled 1.8.2 so I thought I would make a new post to keep things clear. So i loaded this script up and test it out for 18.6.1 and I am getting this error in my rpt and obviously no kill message...
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    Backpacks disappearing

    I can't narrow down a cause, but after this patch it seems that players on my server are logging back in often times with their backpacks disappearing. This from what i could find seems to be an old OLD bug that i thought had been resolved and this is the first time that i have...
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    Help Needed: Changing default starting skins

    I'm looking to replace the starting skins from the default models to something else assuming it's in the list of allowed models. I'm just looking for where i can make this adjustment and if necessary where i need to go to see where it calls on a specific model at a specific humanity. I'm not...
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    AI despawning while players are near

    The AI will spawn and patrol as normal but after about 2 minutes of them being active, they disappear out of their helicopters and the ground patrols disappear. I believe the eventually respawn but that doesnt do me a lot of good when they are there protecting valuable loot. I'm guessing it may...
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    Help needed removing road debris

    I am currently using a fix that involves copying sched init, sched town generator and player monitor into my mission file and making a small change in the mission init to remove the debris. This method, though it works, makes it to where skins do not change with humanity as they should. Does...
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    Players not spawning with correct skin

    This is a two part help/question. First of all, as the title suggests players on both of my 1.8.3 servers are not typically spawning with bandit/hero skins if they have earned them. Second is im looking for a way to allow players to spawn with different skins based on humanity or to just...
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    Bodies are disappearing nearly instantly

    As the title suggests, within i would say 1 minute, the bodies are despawning. Is there something i need to tweak to fix this?
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    AI Immediately Despawn

    I've installed the latest version last night and configured it so that only my custom spawns would be up. They spawn but immediately disappear leaving 1 of the 15 AI up and 2 helicopters circling with no pilots until they crash and they never respawn. I'm not wanting any AI up except for the...
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    Looking for kill messages for 1.8.3

    Just a basic: Bob killed Tom from xx meters with dmr. I cant find any help on this anywhere unless my google skills aren't up to snuff. Thanks guys.
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    Help. How to remove grass from dedicated server

    Just as the title suggests, I'm looking to remove just the grass from my dedicated server to test differences in player's fps. I know it has something to do with setting terrain grid to 50 but where is the question. Ive seen on other server files that they have set setTerrainGrid 50; into...
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    New Dedicated Server Stuck with full load bar Help Needed

    I can connect to the dedicated server, get through the lobby but when it starts loading..the white bar completely finishes and numbers counting or anything. Ive added my .rpt and highlighted the areas i think might be causing the issue...
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    Help! Need Fix to clear debris from roads

    Unless I have just stroked out since the 1.8.3 patch, I can't get my previous method of removing the road debris to work. Placing this bit of code in the mission init file after progressLoadingScreen 1.0; stream_locationCheck = { //Remove Garbage }; This is what the current 1.8.3 Vanilla...
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    Mission spawned vehicles and 1.8.3 Need Assistance Please

    Does anyone have a fix for the exploding of mission spawned cars in vanilla dayz 1.8.3. You used to be able to comment out lines in server_updateobject like this: //if (!_parachuteWest) then { //diag_log format["Object: %1, ObjectID: %2, ObjectUID: %3",_object,_objectID,_objectUID]; //if...
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    Mission spawned vehicles and 1.8.3

    Does anyone have a fix for the exploding of mission spawned cars in vanilla dayz 1.8.3. You used to be able to comment out lines in server_updateobject like this: //if (!_parachuteWest) then { //diag_log format["Object: %1, ObjectID: %2, ObjectUID: %3",_object,_objectID,_objectUID]...