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  1. cortez

    HiveEXT Error

    Cant work out for the life of me why i am getting this error i can only assume its a custom trigger which is trying to move all player data into this survivor history table 2013-06-24 11:39:29 Database: [Error] Error 1146 (Table 'dayz.survivor_history' doesn't exist) in MySQLQuery SQL...
  2. cortez

    European Namalsk 2017 Server

    EPM-Gaming Private Hive We are hosting a this new combo of map / mod, after playing for a good hour i have to say its HARD. Compared to other mods out there you really have to hunt and work hard for your beans. This mod seems to be the way dayz was intended to be played, you may want to...
  3. cortez

    Cherno Map Editing

    So i have added in the custom buildings i want in the 3d map editor, i have saved the map and then converted the map to a 2d map. This is where i am having troubles, i am trying to open the 2d map editor so i can merge my changes with the dayz mission but you can't get into the 2d editor while...
  4. cortez

    Helicopter Patrols

    I have been having some trouble but would it possible to set up a custom helicopter patrols? What i wanted was the custom patrols to have x amount of soldiers in them and have them take off and land at defined area's on the map. Once they have landed the soldiers get out and fortify the area...
  5. cortez

    EPM DayZ RCon Tool (Beta) Changelog and Information

    Current Version: (Beta) Requires .Net Framework 4 Full (Not Client Profile) Please post your bug reports/comments/discussions/feature requests on the forum. If I don't reply to you for some reason you can email me at Current Features: - Resizeable and easy to...
  6. cortez

    SQL Query

    Not 100% sure how to do this, how would i go about trying to create a MySQL query that allows me to detect players that have gained x amount of gear within x amount of seconds and then link that inside the server code it self. so it would remove or even ban said player that has spawned in the...