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    Server by Bandits !

    Moin, ich möchte hier unseren Server vorstellen. -Wer sind wir? Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe die aus 3 Leuten besteht, und sich gedacht hat "Hey wir haben kein Bock auf dieses ständige High Loot geballer mit "DayOnly"... -Was ist so besonders an euch? Hm...Ja ich würde...
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    My Custom Camps !!

    I edited my Map a bit and want to share it now ;) North West Airfield Quarantine Zone ! DOWNLOAD West of Kamenka Escape Zone ! DOWNLOAD Ok did a new base last night =) Have fun with it !! Solinchy Fuel Station Road Block DOWNLOAD Cherno SawMill...
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    R3F Heli Lift Restriciton

    Hello, i try to get that R3F Heli lift to without BE it works perfect ! but with battleye im getting Scriptvariable Restriction #0 #0 means? line 0 ? so its doesnt exist? but things doesnt exist cant kick me ! ply anyone can help me? best regards
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    PublicVariable #0

    hey, i got a kick since i added Admin Tools with debug 08.07.2013 12:35:42: [MyName (MyIp) bac99eb8f1acfd2630b2e5c35590a56e - #0 "dayzLogin" = ["5356866",<NULL-object>] Used the given filters from inkko. Dont work for me =( Any Tutorial out there how to fix Publicvariable Kicks? best...