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    What are you looking for.

    the server ip is 2302 (arma 2) 2502 arma 3 U.S
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    What are you looking for.

    For arma 2 we are running cherno and for arma 3 we are running Altis. We are just trying to figure out what the community wants in a server. And thought this might help everyone cause cause I know we as Devs spend hours trying to get everything to work and run smooth.
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    What are you looking for.

    Ok so I just launched 2 servers one for a2 and one for a3 and I'm curious what everyone looks for when joining a new server. If anyone wants to check these out and comment it would be great. The server is ReasonToRun. Thanks
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    [RELEASE] - Deploy and pack bike - ARMA3 Epoch - UPDATED

    First of all thanks i really love this script. I am very new to scripting and don't really know how to code so please keep that in mind. Right now with this installed it works but if i die i have to log out and back in for me to get the craft bike menu. Has anyone else seen this thanks.