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    My Custom Camps !!

    Thank you very much ;)
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    My Custom Camps !!

    Happy New year haha =) sorry but i stopped working on arma 2 ...i hope for standalone private files maybe then i come back ;)
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    My Custom Camps !!

    haha just a joke ;)
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    My Custom Camps !!

    thank you ;)
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    My Custom Camps !!

    Ok did 2 new addons last night =) Have fun with it !! LOOK FIRST POST!!!!
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    Kamenka version 2

    looks good but u need in my opinion more details ;)
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    My Custom Camps !!

    Kaysio ? Can u Pm me how to load Custom Buildings server side? are u sure its not overloading the server?
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    My Custom Camps !!

    Thank you ;) I never exec my bases..i merge them to mission.sqm ;)
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    [BETA] DayZ Aftermath

    Looks much better than standalone ;) waiting for it...i wish u the best !
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    My Custom Camps !!

    Thank u for liking =) I will post some new soon !!
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    Despawn Dead Players

    hey i got a peace of it but dont know how it works maybe u can do something with it !!!,15968435/na_removedead.sqf/
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    [WORKING] Admin Tool

    Hi, i want to smaller(KB size) this Admin tool..can someone show me how? i just need esp/tele , teletome and spectate.. rest of it can be deleted...i tried it but server stucks on "waiting for host"...anyone an idea?
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    Server by Bandits !

    Moin, ich möchte hier unseren Server vorstellen. -Wer sind wir? Wir sind eine kleine Gruppe die aus 3 Leuten besteht, und sich gedacht hat "Hey wir haben kein Bock auf dieses ständige High Loot geballer mit "DayOnly"... -Was ist so besonders an euch? Hm...Ja ich würde...
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    [Release] Mamu´s Point of Interest

    Nice work !! BTW is that a color correction or photoshopped ?
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    My Custom Camps !!

    I edited my Map a bit and want to share it now ;) North West Airfield Quarantine Zone ! DOWNLOAD West of Kamenka Escape Zone ! DOWNLOAD Ok did a new base last night =) Have fun with it !! Solinchy Fuel Station Road Block DOWNLOAD Cherno SawMill...
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    Battleye and R3F Logistic

    same prob never solved after setpos u get publicvariable #0 kick...i hate battleeye :D
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    is there a way to make that server side? so player get that at the same time?
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    100% Kill & Death Messages

    just 1 question where i can change the time how long the message appears? sometimes its ok sometimes its just pops up for an half second or somthing like that :D any ideas?
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    Custom building problem with patch

    I edited much places with big camps and much car wrecks to simulate an evacuation... and make chernarus more apokalyptic... no erros at the moment everything is placed right ;) ok it takes time but the result is great =)