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    Getting back into it, slowely

    Going to start working on some props to make DayZ feel more modern, and less 1970. Just knocking some dust off with a WIP dumpster.
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    Is there anyway we can get a 3d modeling section?

    Not sure if this is the right place, but I wanted to see if us modelers can have a section to share models and take requests for people's mods. I know there are a lot of modelers out there willing to help when they have the time. Thanks.
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    Anyone else think SA soon?

    The DayZ site has been down for 3 days now. Could they be pulling resources for testing?
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    Adding data to the mission .sqm

    I've seen people get things to spawn in server using the .sqm. weapons, ammo, etc. Just wondering, where do I place this data in the .sqm i have from the .sqf example from my .sqf: _vehicle_465 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["HeliHEmpty", [2243.3464, 15206.234...
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    Editing ammo box loadout. Mission or server side?

    I've placed some ammo crates and gotten them to stay by ignoring them in the cleanup file. I have the default loadouts in each of the boxes, but want to add and remove things in each box. I've tried doing the deployable/ instance spawn and all that, nothing worked, this was the only way that...
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    Adding crates: Medbox, Foodbox,etc

    Has anyone had any luck with these yet? Can't seem to get them in. I've added them as a deployable and a building and still nothing. Anything would help. Thanks.
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    Upload error on DayZ.St SQL

    #1142 - INSERT command denied to user 'bliss_ Has anyone else come across this error yet and a fix? Thanks.
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    Looking for a working custom loot script for, will pay.

    As the title reads. For some reason, I've (aswell as others on here) have followed all of the recent tuts and even downloaded some of the mission files posted. Server still hangs up at authentication or on the second loading bar. With that said, if you have a working mission file which I can...
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    Can someone please upload their working Vanilla custom loot script?

    As the title reads. I've been following the 100% custom loot table thread and no matter how many different missions I download my server just hangs up. I'd prefer it if someone had the vanilla values, just the mods needed to start tweaking yourself. Thanks.
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    General night question

    Does anyone have any idea roughly the time it turns night on the servers? Looking to get 4/2 cycle, but would like to know when to start the server time. Thanks.
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    Adding more loot nodes in buildings and around the map

    I've been watching alot of tutorials on map editiing, but none of them have specified how I would add loot nodes and classify them as military etc. Thanks.