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    Mission.sqm Markers not showing up

    These markers are not showing up in my mission.sqm class Item17 { position[]={12144.021,0,16482.77}; name="Info1"; text="Website:"; type="mil_warning"; colorName="ColorRed"; }; class Item18...
  2. Triage

    Traders Not Cancelling

    Yesterday it was brought to my attention that when you wanted to try and cancel a trade by walking away it wouldn't work. It would just continue to purchase items until you were out of currency. With a bunch of looking around, I found a post that said it was your debug monitor. So I commented...
  3. Triage

    Debug Monitor Hiding But Not Calling Back

    Here is my Debug Monitor that I'm making. if (isNil "custom_monitor") then {custom_monitor = true;} else {custom_monitor = !custom_monitor;}; dayz_spaceInterrupt = { private ["_dikCode", "_handled"]; _dikCode = _this select 1; _handled = false; if (_dikCode == 0x44) then {...
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    Hiding Debug Monitor Via Scroll Menu

    Hello everyone, I'm currently trying to make it to where I can toggle my debug monitor on and off via scroll menu instead of using a "dik code key" I've already set the toggle in selfactions I just need to code to put in my custom_monitor.sqf. Does anyone know how to do this?
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    [Project] Fort Revolver

    I'm currently Working on a new Fort at the North West Airfield. It's going made upon multiple different parts of the airfield and not just one section of the airfield. What is Fort Revolver Fort Revolver is an American Foward Observation Base that has been setup on the Ex-Russian Military...
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    Executing Loadouts Via MySQL - For Epoch

    I've been looking all over the internet to see if this was possible. I have found bits and pieces of information but nothing in vivid detail. If anyone knows how to do this and could tell me how and I'm sure some of the other members of the community that would be great.
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    Full Moon Nights - Epoch

    Hello, recently I've been looking for a way to implement the full moons addition onto my server. I've searched all over the internet and I can not find any updated tutorials on how to do this. I found some tutorials but they did not work for Epoch. If anyone has any idea on how to do this for...