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  1. Captain_Bigzy

    [RELEASE] Dayz Types Categorized (1.16 Complete Vanilla)

    Below is a direct link to a .rar file containing fully separated type files and each file has been categorized into section this may make it easier to find items and setup a more unique loot table for your server. Any issues with this feel free to contact me either here or for faster response...
  2. Captain_Bigzy

    Dawn OF The Z - WWW.DAWNOFTHEZ.CO.UK - DAYZ 1.11

    New Growing Community with 150+ Discord Members Backups & Auto Restore on all servers! Join Our Discord @ Dawn Of The Z Discord Were always looking to improve our servers so player feedback is very important to us! A run down of server features are below and full details can be found at...
  3. Captain_Bigzy

    Better Way To Force Time/Date

    Credits to TheEpsilonNaught for resolving via DayZ Modders Discord! Having issues with your in game time not being what you set? Its probably using system time despite you setting a specific time. If so follow this quick guide. (Based on default mission file) Open...
  4. Captain_Bigzy

    BEC For DayZ SA Help Needed!

    Hey all just wondering if someone can help me with Battleye Extended Controls, I rent a 35 slot server and asked my host to add it to mod manager, after that I installed and can now login and use most of the BEC commands in game however I am struggling to get Scheduler and white-list features to...